House Grawyn

Lord: Lord Kenson Grawyn
Lady: Lady Rosely Grawyn
Notable Figures: Kier Grawyn
Pledge of Fealty: House Lannister
Stronghold: Springcastle
Rank: Minor

Tracing their history back well into the Age of Heroes, House Grawyn has enjoyed many different interpretations on their reputation throughout Westeros history. Whether glib nobles, quick witted heroes, ignoble seducers, or scheming manipulators, the House founded by the smallfolk Alster Grawyn has made its way throughout the history of Westeros on its wits and charm. While its detractors would be quick to note that the House was created as a reward from one liar to another, House Grawyn takes pride in the story of their ancestor thwarting an ambush and protected the Westerlands from a long war through a tall tale: When Alster Grawyn happened upon an invading force preparing an ambush he quickly gathered up all the scattered armor of the Casterly’s he could find, and ran up to them begging for aid and sanctuary. Over the course of the night he let slip that he had been fighting for the Casterly’s when Lann’s awful magic began – those that could hear his words were hypnotized into fighting each other and it was only by the bells that he wore that drowned out the sound that he managed to escape. By the time they arrived, banging pots and pans, ringing bells and shouting to turn back the so-called magic – Lann and his troops had more than enough time to prepare and Alster set into place that which the Grawyn’s would become famous for.

Times have changed and though certainly influencial beyond what most minor houses enjoy, the modern House Grawyn doesn’t have quite the reputation and influence it once did. This is a reasonably recent development due to the clumsy efforts of its former leader Lord Arthus Grawyn who was not nearly as clever as he imagined himself to be. Instead of building allies and inroads, Arthus frittered away no small amount of wealth and made enemies by with injudicious promises. His eldest son, Kensen, while inheriting his father’s generous nature also inherited more of the cleverness his house was known for and rejected the marriage that his father had arranged for him in favor of the Lady Rosely Gilbert. This caused no small amount of whispers and upset; the rumors of the lady being barren and her house impovershed did little to inspire confidence – and in a fit of pique Lord Arthus gave some of their familial lands to his youngest son, Helsen, leaving Lord Kensen with little more than their citystate.

Still, House Grawyn has always been one to make ploys and clever schemes and several years of establishing friends, of bribes, and of favors remembered keep her well afloat and merely waiting for the right opportunity.


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House Grawyn

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