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Host Wedding

A Wedding in the Seven Kingdoms is about the unification and cooperation of two noble houses, but it is also about growth in influence. The hosting house may be the house of the groom, bride-to-be, or may be a third-party house that is seeking to sponsor the event.


Local: Local weddings are prepared for no more than two-hundred guests from lands around your own and families of the groom and bride-to-be. A local wedding usually costs 3 wealth to prepare. Plus 1 wealth for each additional day of events outside of the standard wedding events (Night Before, Wedding Day & Night).
Regional: Regional weddings encompass an entire realm (all of the Houses of the Bay, or the Wastelands, for example) and may draw upward of 600 guests A regional wedding usually costs 4 wealth to prepare, plus 2 wealth for each additional day of events.
Grand: Grand weddings are a colossal undertaking for the hosting house, drawing a large number of guests traveling across the Seven Kingdoms to attend, and perhaps guests from other major areas of the world as well. A grand wedding costs 10 wealth, plus an additional 5 wealth for each additional event.


A wedding offers a great deal to the sponsor house, even though it can break the house’s finances to host one of significance. The sponsoring house gains +1d6 influence +0 for a local wedding, +2 for a regional wedding and +6 for a grand wedding.

Common Weddings

There is one additional size of wedding, that being a common wedding. Common weddings cost the hosting house 1 wealth altogether, and have a guest list less than one-hundred guests, usually coming from the families of the groom, bride-to-be and hosting house. They offer no influence in return, but also do not require the use of a house action.

Dowry and Negotiations

The house of the groom is expected to pay the dowry of the house of the bride. A standard dowry for a bride that has no direct claim (1st-5th in line of succession) to lordship of the bride’s house is 4 wealth. This is often bargained down with other means of negotiation such as alliance or agreeing to host the wedding ceremonies.

Negotiations will be a regular part of this campaign, and it seems best to leave the negotiations on marriage open ended.

House Actions

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