[6:53:51 PM] Narrator: Event Setting 1, Session 4 : Ser Merdraut’s Wedding

The night before the wedding, the storms from the morning cleared up, and so it remained for the morning. The sun was bright and hot, with the cool breeze from the bay helping everyone feel much more comfortable in the heat than they otherwise might. The wedding ceremony was in the main estate of Windhamsport which has converted one of their great many halls into a Sept to make-do. (Cont)
[6:58:23 PM] Harkin Crevan: .
[6:58:32 PM] Narrator: Just prior to the wedding ceremony itself, two prominent groups of nobles arrived. From House Frey of the Twins, a guard of twenty and five arrived in Windhamsport, led by the infamous Black Walder. And not long after, the town was welcoming Ser Aaron Mallister, and his guard of twenty. With the arrival of guests from House Frey and House Mallister, the ceremony was all set to take place (cont)
[7:00:58 PM] Narrator: The ceremony itself went off without a hitch, and few interruptions. Those few interruptions were made by one Ser Aaron Mallister who managed to make a jest about a rip in Lady Reagan’s dress, and further interrupted by being one of the few to openly object to the wedding, though not at the time where such is asked. (cont)
[7:04:02 PM] Narrator: When the ceremonies completed, the wedding party was to parade through the streets under armed escort, and so they did. But as afternoon came to dusk, and dusk came to evening, the storm returned. It was a great thunder storm, turning the rain all but sideways in the wind. The waves rocked the docks with relentless pounding. And the thunder struck so loudly that it could be heard clearly even within the confines of the banquet hall where the reception was to take place. (cont)
[7:10:42 PM] Narrator: The reception ceremony is now underway. The guests have finished what’s left of the grand feast, with the prize boar as the prime main course. According to standard practice, next would come the speeches, and so they did. First came the wedding party’s address to the birde and groom, and then the parents. Next came the bride and groom’s thanks to the guests. Plenty of wine was served, and it seemed many a men and women had filled their bellies with warm drink, for the place became restless with all this talking.
Finally, it came time for the speeches to end, and the music began. The first wedding dance took place.

We will begin after the first wedding dance, when all guests are still in the Banquet Hall. Many of the guests have stayed on the floor to continue dancing, and others have moved off to mingle, drink and snack. Ser Merdraut and Lady Reagan are together, leading the second wedding dance as we begin.
[7:10:52 PM] Narrator: -
[7:13:38 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan enjoyed the first dance with Kyra and heads to get them a drink; navigating the crowd
[7:15:16 PM] Justin: As many may have predicted: Joren is quite drunk by now. This mostly results in him slapping his knee and tapping his foot along with the music - as well as gawking at some of the more attractive women. When he upends his goblet (?) to drink more wine, nothing comes out. With a frown he begins looking for a remedy to his empty glass.
[7:15:28 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest is currently mingling watching the various noblemen and noblewoman dancing about for now atleast
[7:15:32 PM] Narrator: Hendrick Sperling is the only guest you all have encountered (that is not known to be dead!) that is not present.
[7:16:24 PM] Becks: Slipping in between the dancers, Lycoris moves off the dance floor, having done her duty in the first dance. That done, and with someone’s whose name she didn’t quite catch, she didn’t feel much like continuing to dance. In grey and lavender, she doesn’t catch too much attention and manages to take a seat and cup of mulled wine.
[7:17:52 PM] Kier Grawyn: The cheerful smile was gone from his face and the serious expression somehow only served to make the already boyish looking Kier appear even younger. His blonde hair was well combed and held back and his suit was finer than many of his equal station in rich blues and golds, but the thoughtful expression still remained. He had found himself a place by the wine and as the dance went on the one he got to refresh himself turned to two and three.
[7:20:34 PM] Narrator: Lady Fiona Sperling, Head Lady of House Sperling could be found conversing with Lady Shandy Erwin, Head Lady of House Erwin. They stood near the wedding party’s table as the spoke.
[7:21:26 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan nods and smiles to his wife with their drinks “I hope you have enjoyed yourself my love during our stay. Maybe we can help Erica find a suitor one day and host.”
[7:22:48 PM] Verus Forrest: ((Sorry having some issues with the other computer so I am only partially here at the moment))
[7:23:09 PM] Narrator: Joren catches the glaring eyes his way from a man dancing with the lady of Spicer to which you conversed with at yesterday’s eve dance.
[7:23:27 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora stood off to the side of the dancing with a wine cup in her hand. Occasionally, she would sip at the drink, keeping up her appearance as a noblewoman with manners. She smiled and greeted those whom she knew, exchanging all the pleasantries.
[7:25:46 PM] Narrator: Conrad Windham commented to Kier as he came by with a full wine glass. * “Come Kier, there are plenty of beautiful maidens to be found on the dance floor. You are only certain to find dust here.”
[7:28:04 PM] Narrator: *Lady Kyra Crevan smiled at Harkin.
“A good suitor, yes. Not of the type that might mistreat her.”
[7:29:30 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan sips his wine and nods to at Kyra’s comment “Indeed.” he smiles and jests " Maybe Verus?"
[7:29:39 PM] Narrator: Lyanna Erwin could be found spinning and dancing. She was a particularly good dancer, very skilled and full of energy as she moved about the floor with grace and freedom. She laughed to herself and caught many of the men’s eyes.
[7:31:51 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest watches as Lyanna Erwin dances about, he wonders where his Brother is at the moment, before looking at those gathered nearby drinking and socializing
[7:33:14 PM] Becks: Lycoris finds herself with one more societal obligation, and seeing Lady Erwin off the dancefloor, she winds her way over to the lady as she converses with Flora Sperling. She bobs a curtsey. “My ladies, good evening.”
[7:33:42 PM] Kier Grawyn: “I guess it’s no good mourning the one beauty that got away, then, is it?” Kier attempted something of a smile, looking about for a moment before finishing another glass of wine perhaps quicker than he ought to gain some courage. “First.. I ought to attend to another matter… Lord Windham, excuse a boy to stop a duel before it begins?”
[7:33:48 PM] Justin: ((Is there food about still? Snack-ish stuff or meal food?))
[7:36:50 PM] Narrator: The leftovers from the feast would be less present but are very much there. And the desert food would be present, ranging from pasteries to salty baked foods.
[7:37:08 PM] Kier Grawyn: With permission granted, Kier crossed the room towards Joren, moving to stand near his side to where he could speak in confidence. “By my count I feel that is at least one favor owed between us now. Catch the lady’s eye again that you were looking towards and I am certain there shall soon be another.”
[7:38:27 PM] Kier Grawyn: (( Argh did not mean to hit enter yet until he spoke gararhaghjkasdfh stupid fingers ))
[7:38:40 PM] Narrator: For sake of ease, we’ll say that Flora was making small talk with Lucille Forrest.
[7:38:53 PM] Becks: ((Ah, I misread, my apologies))
[7:40:42 PM] Narrator: Conrad raised an eyebrow at Kier “The one that got away? Reagan?” He shook his head and listened to Kier’s later comment “Alright. Is this something I should be involved in?”
[7:40:47 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan ponders a moment on his jest too Kyra and decides to head over to Verus, motioning Kyra to follow. On arriving to Verus “Good evening Lord Verus. I was thinking about what you mentioned about not getting enough time for the hunt.”
[7:41:19 PM] Flora Sperling: “Lady Lucille, you mustn’t let me keep you from dancing tonight. I’m quite determined to see you on the arm of a handsome man before the night is over – one that isn’t related to you.” Flora added for good measure.
[7:41:50 PM] Narrator: Kyra smiled at Harkin. “He is first heir to House Forrest, though in their current state…not such a title to boast. Even so, they are a very old house. I believe they might pride on finding a stronger match for a man that might soon be lord.”
[7:42:05 PM] Justin: (So did Kier cross from the NPC to Joren yet?)
[7:42:16 PM] Kier Grawyn: “Any beauty I no longer have the honorable chance with, good sir.” His jovial smile returned then. “It.. should be nothing.. hopefully nothing.”
[7:43:16 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest looks over at Crevan approaches “Good Evening, Lord Harkin”
[7:43:56 PM] Narrator: Lucille jested in turn “I leave such dances for House Arbon.” She smiled and gave Lycoris a proper smile in greeting. “Well then, I must take my leave to find a dance partner. Come Ser Imri, I must not look a fool moving to the dance alone.” Ser Imri gave a nod and a smile, and followed her.
[7:44:23 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan continues to speak his piece to Verus “Maybe we could make arrangments in the future for a hunting excursions from time to time.”
[7:45:30 PM] Narrator: Conrad motioned to Kier “See that man? He’s the Captain of the guard. His name is Ivan Ammon. Alert him if it seems to be out of hand. We do not want blood spilled on Ser Merdraut’s wedding day. It is bad luck.”
[7:46:31 PM] Becks: Lycoris barely manages to get out a hurried, "Oh, then well
" before Lucille moves off to the dance floor. She shrugs slightly, unable to complete her greeting, then turns to Flora. “Er, I hope you’ve enjoyed the wedding,” she says not entirely gracelessly.
[7:46:42 PM] Verus Forrest: “Perhaps, Though it will depend on how busy I am with my duties to my house…Though I could determine that a hunting trip with one of House Crevan’s own be a diplomatic bit and slip away”
[7:46:53 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest grins a bit as he speaks with Harkin
[7:47:25 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier nodded once his understanding before breaking from his family friend, moving to approach Joren.
[7:47:44 PM] Kier Grawyn: With permission granted, Kier crossed the room towards Joren, moving to stand near his side to where he could speak in confidence. “By my count I feel that is at least one favor owed between us now. Catch the lady’s eye again that you were looking towards and I am certain there shall soon be another.”
[7:48:17 PM] Flora Sperling: “Lady Lycoris. How have we managed to miss one another the entirety of the wedding festivities?” Flora greeted with a warm smile and a soft laugh. “Nevermind. It is good to see you are well.” Her tone was light and conversational, lacking judgement.
[7:48:32 PM] Narrator: (J – i’m assuming she’s doing so now.)
[7:48:51 PM] Narrator: (he rather, played by a girl, sorry. I do that a lot)
[7:49:13 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan smiles abit “Indeed; plus I could see how well your brother does with that falcon of his”
[7:50:18 PM] Harkin Crevan: (Darin in the hall or still absent?)
[7:51:26 PM] Narrator: Darin can be found dancing once again. Not all too far from Lyanna Erwin, though this time; not with her.
[7:51:38 PM] Becks: “Likewise, likewise,” she returns, smile warming up a touch. “I think it’s just the crowd; it’s hard to find anyone you’re looking for with such a crush of guests. My apologies for being negligent in making the rounds as a hostess,” and it’s said with a light tone, a jest.
[7:51:40 PM] Harkin Crevan: (K)
[7:53:20 PM] Justin: “You know, boy,” Joren stands, and pats Kier firmly on the shoulder. Firmly enough to likely knock the lad forward a few inches. He does keep his voice low enough that it doesn’t carry far over the music, “A wedding party like this?There was a day when we’d have just killed the husbands and fucked the wives.” He shakes his head and finishes his wine, “Sadly, that isn’t that day.”
[7:53:38 PM] Narrator: Huw Erwin could be found conversing not too far from Ser Aaron Mallister.
[7:54:01 PM] Justin: (this isn’t that day)
[7:54:05 PM] Narrator: *Black Walder drinks quietly by himself, his men not far from his place. His look is that of a scowl, very univiting.

[7:54:44 PM] Verus Forrest: “Indeed, my brother is quite good at hunting with or without the use of his falcon”
[7:56:58 PM] Flora Sperling: “All is forgiven for you are here now.” Flora returned back with another laugh. “Are you faring well? It must be difficult to be attending such an event. The rebellion left too many young women as widows.” The last was said delicately as Flora did her best to appear consoling. It didn’t appear her intent was to cause the other woman pain.
[7:57:43 PM] Narrator: Lady Fiona Sperling approached Huw Erwin and Ser Aaron Mallister. There was a hug between Ser Aaron and Lady Fiona, though their conversation was too hard to pick up from a distance.
[7:58:21 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan nods to Verus “After the festivies; we need to talk more.”
[7:59:19 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest continues to watch the various groups of people socializing and dancing as he continues to listen to Harkin, hearing his last comment he raises a brow and looks at Harkin “Oh? Is it important? if so we should speak now”
[7:59:39 PM] Narrator: Kyra smiled warmly at Verus. “I hope you are enjoying the celebration Lord Verus. It is good of you to try. I know that the tragedy was… Well, Ward was particularly close.”
[8:00:06 PM] Becks: Lycoris has a well-practiced smile for Flora. “Ah, well at least I am now in good company for such an event after such a war,” she says similarly without rancor. “I hope you are similarly well.”
[8:01:56 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan smiles as he comments to Verus “No but I don’t want to hold you up on finding a lady this evening”
[8:02:57 PM] Narrator: After a few moments, Huw and Ser Aaron wave to Lady Fiona who seems to wander elsewhere. Lord Dafydd can be seen walking and talking with Ser Austin Lannister, Lady Reagan’s father.
[8:03:18 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest hears another voice and looks over at Kyra a moment “Thank you, he was like a brother to me, and how are you this evening Lady Kyra?”
[8:05:02 PM] Narrator: Lady Kyra gave a nod and a smile. She was always so happy. “Great company makes for wonderful times. And m’lord husband takes good care of me, as I would expect you will one day do for the mother of your children.”
[8:06:28 PM] Flora Sperling: To that, Flora’s thin shoulders shrugged under the heavy brocaded fabric of her gown. “I feel remarkably…hmm… unaffected.” She finally settled on that word before sipping at her wine again. “I have been quite able to enjoy the feasts and other events. The wedding was beautiful and the only tears I shed were those of joy for the couple.”
[8:08:52 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier caught himself with a few steps, brushing himself off and lamenting the bit of spilled wine as he did so before finally reminding himself to chuckle. “You just.. are ever the picture of the Rockfish, aren’t you? Maybe next time perhaps a bit less so with other’s betrothed, then?” He rolled his shoulder slightly, keeping a confidential whisper to the to Joren. “You’re welcome, by the way.”
[8:09:19 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest smiles a bit and nods in agreement with Lady Kyra’s comment before turning his attention back toward Harkin and responding to him quiet casually “It is not much of a problem, if you wish to talk we can do so it isn’t going to interrupt me any, I am here as Steward of my House and as such I have to dedicate time to what is necessary, and there isn’t much that is more important then speaking with other Houses representatives especially when they are fellow men of the North”
[8:11:37 PM] Justin: “Or some time when it’s not one against 40,” He laughs loudly, which is a stark contrast to the soft voice from before, ?
[8:12:01 PM] Becks: “Mmm.” She takes a sip more of wine, a pause, then another. “The boar was rather good, though perhaps high at the price. It is nice to see the ceremonies go on, and well, the couple. A good marriage for the house.”
[8:12:03 PM] Justin: “I’m brave, but I’m not stupid.”
[8:13:48 PM] Justin: (eh, make that “I’m drunk, but I’m not stupid.”
[8:13:50 PM] Justin: )
[8:14:32 PM] Flora Sperling: After a short silence, Flora said,“Yes. A very good marriage.” The agreement came with a nod of the head as Flora looked toward the newly married couple. “I heard it said that Lyanna is like to be married soon but the rumor was not attached to any names. Is there any truth to it?”
[8:15:22 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan nods to Verus and sips his wine “I understand your stance Lord Verus. I hope we can rekindle the bond between our houses.”
[8:15:28 PM] Narrator: Ser Aaron Mallister and Huw Erwin approach Lycoris and Flora. Ser Aaron smiles. “Well if it isn’t my niece. Glad to see you returned to a true family. Your father’s madness to send you off to the ironhead’s always did suprise me.” He offered a hug.
[8:15:36 PM] Kier Grawyn: “Tell truth between us, I hate weddings. Truly, outside from the wine I despite the affairs.” Kier took a long sip from his glass, developing a habit of looking over his shoulder to see who was listening to their conversation rapidly in Joren’s presence. “Full of fake smiles and desperate, jealous women nine times out of ten, gossiping desperately for which one of them’ll be next at it.”
[8:16:50 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest nods to Harkin “So what is it you wanted to speak about? Or would you rather it be discussed someplace quieter?”
[8:18:30 PM] Justin: “What?” Joren pauses to drunkenly reconsider things. He’s silent for a good ten seconds, “You look like the harp and flowers type. Maybe some lace and frills, too?”
[8:18:31 PM] Narrator: Edit: little cousin, not niece.
[8:18:35 PM] Kier Grawyn: ( He whispered conspiratorially ))
[8:18:41 PM] Becks: Lycoris looks over to Lyanna’s dancing with a true smile and opens her mouth to respond to Flora’s question, but then shuts it with a curtsey at the arrival of Ser Aaron and Huw. “Good evening, sers,” she says softly.
[8:19:52 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan comments to Verus “Here is fine. Just extending an offer of joining you for hunts and tightening our northman bond.”
[8:21:06 PM] Kier Grawyn: “I’ve.. I’ve blood on my sword, too. I was the one who found and felled that boar… practically.” He gestured with his glass, barely managing to not slosh. “Just as much as any man here.”
[8:22:22 PM] Flora Sperling: The arrival of Ser Aaron brought a pause to the topic of conversation and Flora smiled brightly. “Ser Aaron! This is a wonderful surprise.” She gushed while accepting the hug. Once she stepped back, she teased,“And, no mention of the Iron Islands. I was under the impression all such topics were banned on account of their poor behavior.”
[8:24:14 PM] Justin: for the diceroller, use http://www.ochbad.com:8080/gotdice/ for now
[8:24:20 PM] Narrator: *Ser Aaron smiled
“Do I look like the type to give a shit about what topics are banned. Come now cousin, your mother must not have mentioned me at all.” Huw Erwin laughed a bit. Aaron looked at Lycoris. “Why hello there. No man at your side. Perhaps you are a later made of House Sperling, and hopefully none that I am related to.”
[8:24:52 PM] Narrator: (If I miss anything at all and you guys notice it, whisper me. Lots going on. 3 specific points at this point. =) )
[8:25:34 PM] Verus Forrest: “That is good to know Harkin, and have you and your wife enjoyed the festivities so far?”
[8:27:52 PM] Flora Sperling: The response made her laugh softly. “Very well. Talk about what you will so long as my very late Lord-husband makes no appearance.” Flora mock warned with a smile before she turned her attention to Lycoris. “Ser Aaron, this is lady Lycoris of House Erwin.” She introduced.
[8:29:45 PM] Becks: With a chuckle that she hides behind a hand, Lycoris ducks her head for a moment before following up on Flora’s response. “Indeed, none of House Sperling, ser, and I do not think I have the honor to be related to you.”
[8:30:01 PM] Narrator: Ser Aaron went pale a bit. “Oh m’lady, forgive my rudeness. Your lord-husband was a good man. I meant no ill to his memory.”
[8:30:57 PM] Becks: “No no, no offense taken. A happy night means happy drinks, and anyone might be forgiven a gleeful tongue.” She waves off his statement.
[8:33:22 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan nods to Verus “Yes, we have. It has been good for us I think.” He glances to his wife
[8:34:33 PM] Verus Forrest: “Good…I hope it continues that way though with recent events I am not sure they will unfortunately”
[8:38:09 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan sips his wine and nops
[8:38:10 PM] Narrator: Ser Aaron mused “Doubtful. My tongue is one that cannot be tamed.” There was innuendo there, but he did not mean it. He seems the type that would speak in a far more blunt fashion.
[8:38:17 PM] Harkin Crevan: (nods)
[8:40:09 PM] Becks: She blinks a few times in rapid succession, then moves on. “Ah, but the lady Sperling,” she says with a head-bob to Flora, “has already said you may speak of what you will, so long as a certain man makes no appearance, and I would not gainsay her.”
[8:41:52 PM] Narrator: The dances come and go. Several in succession as the night continues with good momentum. A bright flash of light from the windows is followed a few seconds laterly by a very loud crash of thunder.
[8:42:00 PM] Justin: “Is that so, boy?” He questions Kier, studying the man more intently now.
[8:43:27 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan finishes his wine and comments to Verus “So when do you think you can arrange for a visit for me or would you rather travel our way?”
[8:43:36 PM] Justin: (brb)
[8:43:40 PM] Flora Sperling: “Ooh. I should have thought more clearly when I laid down my conditions.” She laughed. “I fear I have given my cousin the freedom to make us blush like maidens.”
[8:45:05 PM] Kier Grawyn: Considers his statement, taking another sip to get time to think and to hide his face behind the cup as best he could – clearing his throat after his sip and standing a bit taller yet. “…As much as many.” Kier turned at the sound of thunder, shaking his head. “The weather certainly is angry the last few nights..”
[8:45:24 PM] Narrator: Ser Aaron nods “Hm, you are correct, milady. So she did. Were that you were not related to our house, milady, we would find you a suitable husband once more in House Mallister. No raiders will ever breach the walls of Seagard.” He spilled a bit of wine on his beard as he drank this time, and wiped his stained lips with his hand.
[8:46:03 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest shifts his attention from someone else back to Harkin after taking a moment to consider the question “Did you travel here by boat? if Not you would be more then welcome riding back with my siblings and myself, and you could visit my Houses domain on the way back to your own if that is the case”
[8:49:00 PM] Narrator: At this point, the crowd’s attention turns quickly to the dance floor. Despite the music continue to play, everyone has scattered as Lord Ros Landon stands over Pedr Gilbert who is laying on his back on the floor, and pushing with his feet to slide himself further away from Ros. Ros eyes scream bloodlust, though he has no weapon in hand. By the small drips of blood on the ground and on Ros’ hand, it appears he just hit Pedr, laying him out on the ground.

“You are behind this you cunning little scavenger! Whether you be a puppet or the cunning behind this, you will pay for what I’ve lost!”

[8:49:12 PM] Narrator: The house guards try to move quickly to intercept this.
[8:49:18 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan ponders a moment “Thank you for your offer and would be honored. We can’t stay long as I wager our son misses us.”
[8:50:05 PM] Becks: “Ah, I’m sure my Lord Erwin will-,” she cuts off sharply at the scene on the dance floor. “Bother.”
[8:50:11 PM] Narrator: Lady Kyra winces and covers her mouth.
[8:50:31 PM] Flora Sperling: “A lovely notion. But it seems unlikely I should marry again at all—” Flora was saying just as the spectacle of Pedr Gilbert began. Her lips parted in dismay and eyes widened.
[8:50:54 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan turns to face the event on the floor. He feels sorry for Lord Ros and would probably have done the same.
[8:50:55 PM] Justin: For his part, Joren simply watches. A smile slowly spreads across his face.
[8:51:33 PM] Narrator: Pedr for the first time in public, loses his faux smile. “First, my men are murdered! And now, I am the victem of assault in the good chamber of House Erwin!? What is this madness!?”
[8:52:31 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest looks at the events on the dance floor, he bows slightly to Harkin to excuse himself and moves toward Ros Landon to keep him from doing anything else brash “Lord Landon…”
[8:52:56 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan sits his cup of down and whispers to Kyra.
[8:53:46 PM] Narrator: It takes three guards to stop the elder Ros from marching forward to continue what he started on Pedr. Pedr motions two of House Arbon’s guards to his side, and wipes the blood from his lips. His teeth are bloody, and it looks as if he might’ve lost one. Though not from his front row.
[8:55:26 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier, for his part, simply stared – a little too much drink to quite act as quickly as he would. He looked up to Joren and then to the floor. “…Just like home?”
[8:55:55 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan watches Verus enter the floor with the others.
[8:56:17 PM] Narrator: Joren and Kier find another near by. It’s Ser Austin Lannister. He is filling up his wine. “Some would say that is bad luck. I would call it, old fashion entertainment. Plenty o’ weddings i’ve been to had the same and they turned out fine. Well, some of them. Others died, but they’d’ve died the same, blood spilled or not.”
[8:58:11 PM] Becks: Lycoris shuffles awkwardly from one foot to another. “At least we can all say this will be a memorable wedding,” she says in a resigned tone, loud enough for those around her to hear, but certainly not loud enough to carry through the hall.
[8:58:18 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest speaks quietly to minimize what can be heard from those gathered around as he speaks to Lord Landon “This is not the place for this…you know that…let us get a drink and we can talk about recent events?” he tries his best to diffuse the situation but this is not looking good.
[8:59:33 PM] Narrator: Ser Conrad Windham approaches Lord Landon and says quietly “Come Lord Landon, you ought leave the hall and return to your room.” Ros’ eyes widen and narrow. He looks about the room. “I will find and kill anyone that was responsible for what happened to my boy. Consider it a vow.” * And with that he pushes one of the guards off his feet and begins marching out of the banquet hall. He looks to Verus with a glare as well as he goes.*
[9:00:25 PM] Narrator: Ser Wesley approaches Pedr Gilbert and whispers. Pedr nods, and heads off in another direction not long after.
[9:00:44 PM] Narrator: Welsey follows Pedr.
[9:01:17 PM] Justin: “Entertainment. I’d toast to that, sir,” Joren quips at the Lannister lord, “but someone would probably get offended – so I better not.”
[9:02:35 PM] Kier Grawyn: “Well sir, if you’re in good spirits about it who am I to say otherwise?” Kier filled up his glass. “We might as well toast to it. Two fights breaking out in one evening seems unlikely. Better now a time than any.”
[9:03:15 PM] Narrator: Ser Merdraut moves to gain higher ground at the head table. He motions with a clap. “Come then! Back to the celebration!” * The music continues, and people slowly resume dancing, though the place is now filled with gossip.*
[9:03:23 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest waits a couple of moments for things to resume before he moves off to see if he can meet with Lord Landon
[9:03:54 PM] Narrator: Ser Austin Lannister smiles and raises his glass to Justin and Kier.
[9:04:00 PM] Narrator: (Joren and Kier)
[9:04:52 PM] Narrator: Lady Kyra nods to Harkin and lets out a breath as things seem to return to peaceful.
[9:04:58 PM] Justin: “Then, so be it!” His glass is raised, and then another glass is drained into Joren;s gullet.
[9:05:49 PM] Kier Grawyn: Having what was certain to be one glass too many, Kier raised his to a toast and drank as long as Joren was drinking – feeling his manliness challenged as it were such a short time ago.
[9:05:50 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan offers a hand to his wife for another dance “I think this shall be our last for this evening milady”
[9:06:21 PM] Flora Sperling: “Well. That was….” But she didn’t really know what it was….
[9:06:40 PM] Narrator: Lady Kyra nods and accepts with a smile, though she seems on edge now. And she’s not the only guest that seems to have their guard up now.
[9:08:08 PM] Becks: “Entirely unfortunate,” Lycoris finishes Flora’s statement. “And likely not the last to be seen of that.”
[9:08:44 PM] Narrator: Ser Aaron shakes his head. “Fool of a northman, and a slippery eel of a Gilbert. I hope the northman eats the eel whole, and then chokes on it.” He mutters in a rather distasteful fashion. “Pardon me miladies, it seems I have drank much wine and not yet had the thought to piss it out.” Despite his distasteful talk, it seems Ser Aaron is still quite coordinated in his movement. Likely far from drunk.
[9:10:05 PM] Narrator: Ser Austin Lannister finished his wine glass and wiped his mouth clean. “gods this is fun! This is truly why I love weddings. My daughter will treat Ser Merdraut well. And he better do the same.”
[9:12:00 PM] Narrator: At this point, Ser Merdraut and Lady Reagan make their way around the room. First stopping by Lycoris and Flora.
[9:14:02 PM] Becks: Lycoris curtseys quite deeply, more than is really necessary. “Ser Merdraut, Lady Reagan. Congratulations on your wedding.”
[9:16:33 PM] Narrator: Ser Merdraut smiles perfeclty and Lady Reagan offers one better than he. She speaks first. “We wanted to say thank you Lady of Sperling, for being our guest. And we hope your brother’s health improves.”

Ser Merdraut adds. “We regret that your Lord father could not be in attendance, but understand the truth of it.”
[9:16:52 PM] Kier Grawyn: “I am certain that Ser Merdraut will be everything that Lady Reagan tells him to be.” A drink. “Wishes him to be.”
[9:19:20 PM] Narrator: Ser Austin looks as if he might take Kier’s comment offensively, but then the aftermath confuses him enough to side track him. “Yes, I am certain you are right…” “Lord Rockfish, Lord Grawyn, if you’ll pardon me.”
[9:19:45 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora likewise offered a shallow curtsy with a dip of her head to the pair. “It is kind of you to say so.” She replied while rising to her full height. “You make a lovely couple and I wish you much good fortune in your marriage. I’m certain if my father could have attended he would have liked nothing better than to be here.”
[9:20:13 PM] Justin: “Of course,” Joren offers a somewhat polite half-bow-ish-thing.
[9:20:57 PM] Narrator: Lady Reagan smiles warmly at Lycoris. And Ser Merdraut sets a soft hand on Lycoris’ shoulder. “Thank you for your help in the planning. It will not go unnoticed.”
[9:21:55 PM] Kier Grawyn: “Of course.” Kier stood up enough to give a polite proper bow.
[9:24:04 PM] Becks: She smiles, though perhaps not as warmly as in their banter from before. “Ah, it wouldn’t do for your wedding to be a dour affair, would it? You look radiant tonight, Lady Reagan.”
[9:24:58 PM] Narrator: Lady Reagan smiles warmly “How kind of you to say so.” Ser Merdraut grasps at her hand once more. “Come, I must introduce you proper to Lord Kier Grawyn. Kenson’s son.”
[9:25:54 PM] Narrator: Ser Merdraut and Lady Reagan find their way to Joren and Kier.
[9:26:32 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora watched the trip make their exchange and wished them all well as they departed to meet Kier. At that point, she glanced around the hall for sight of her mother and/or brother.
[9:26:54 PM] Becks: Lycoris’s smile sets very firmly on her face as Merdraut and Reagan wander off.
[9:27:19 PM] Narrator: Lady Fiona and Gerrit were in fact standing off to the side talking with Lord Kenson Grawyn and Ser Aaron Lannister, who had just arrived back from pissing!
[9:29:41 PM] Narrator: With proper bows, the wedding couple smiles and addresses Kier and Joren. “Kier Grawyn, this is Lady Reagan, my wife as I am sure you are to know by being in attendance. This here is Lord Kenson’s only male heir, Lord Kier Grawyn.” Reagan smiles and looks to Joren. Ser Merdraut. “And I’m afraid we have not met. Ser Merdraut.” He gives a proper bow Joren’s way.
[9:33:31 PM] Kier Grawyn: The sound of his name even across the room caused Kier to perk up and he stood taller, clearing his throat as he tried to take on a proper posture despite the drink. He repeated over and over in his head ‘Remember you’re tongue because you’re drunk, remember your tongue – you’ve had a great deal to drink’ and as they approached he put on his best trained smile. “Lady Reagan, Ser Merdraut; ah it seems I shall be forever in your shadow shan’t I, old friend?”
[9:34:14 PM] Justin: Joren forces himself to show the proper respect to the newly-weds. He pulls it off, for the most part, though he’s unable to totally rid his face of an arrogant smirk, “Jored Rockfish. I pleasure to meet you and be invited to such a fine wedding.” His expression is much less kind than his words.
[9:36:06 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan finishes the dance with Lady Kyra and gets one last round of wine before they head off for the night
[9:36:42 PM] Narrator: Merdraut smiles. “Come now, I am older are I not?” He seemed as if he did not have an answer to that himself. “You will find your hand wed soon enough. I am certain with your sickly sister being the only other heir of your father’s blood, that he will seek this soon.”

He looked to Joren. He gave a nod. “Ah, Lord Rockfish. My father though it wise to invite you and your Lord Father here. It was very good of him to see to sending you. We wish to continue on good terms with the banners of the Greyjoys, despite our falling out with House Cutteridge over their agressive behavior…” Merdraut sounded much like his father.
[9:37:33 PM] Narrator: Lady Reagan smiled warmly at Kier. “You are a handsome boy, I am certain you will find a good wife. Perhaps of House Lannister, whether it be of Casterly Rock or mine own family in Lannisport.”
[9:38:28 PM] Flora Sperling: Not quite ready to flock to the side of her mother and brother, Flora set down her glass of win on the nearest surface and managed to find a man willing to dance with her.
[9:38:54 PM] Narrator: At this point, Lord Dafydd tapped Ser Merdraut on the shoulder as he walked by, and then continued to the podium. Merdraut looked to his lord father and bowed. “If you’ll excuse me, I believe I am needed. Perhaps we can speak of this in … further detail soon?”|
[9:39:15 PM] Kier Grawyn: “Your new husband, you see, was my better in marksmanship, swordplay, and a host of other things. I thought that I should even the matter by at least having a more beautiful bride but I do not believe that such a thing is possible.” Kier explained equally to compliment Reagan and to amuse – the practiced words coming out with only a minimal slur. “She does send her regards as well and apologizes for not yet having the strength to attend, my dear sister, I mean.”
[9:39:34 PM] Kier Grawyn: “Would that the Seven bless me so, Lady Reagan. Would that they bless me so.”
[9:40:16 PM] Narrator: Lady Reagan smiles. “They may, milord.”
[9:41:52 PM] Justin: “Yes, well…” For once, the pirate seems to be doing his best to choose his words — and having a hard time of it, “You’ll find the Iron Men make their own choices. Herding cats.”
[9:42:25 PM] Narrator: The music slowed and Lord Dafydd clapped his hands together. It seems he has another announcement. The dance is finishing and several conversations are closing in a rather abrupt fashion.
[9:42:28 PM] Becks: Lycoris’s gaze follows the new couple and their conversation with Kier, almost to the point of rudeness, but she drags her eyes away from them and to the dance floor, hopefully once again a safe point of interest.
[9:42:39 PM] Narrator: Ser Merdraut smiles “As do we, my Lord. As do we.”
[9:43:52 PM] Narrator: Ser Merdraut wanders over to Lord Dafydd. Lady Shandy stands nearby her husband and Lady Reagan by Merdraut. Dafydd speaks.
[9:45:38 PM] Narrator: “We would like to thank you all for coming to the celebration of my lord son and Lady Reagan, formerly of House Lannister of Lannisport. And while I do not wish to interrupt the events of this evening with any more…troubling news, I am afraid that there is no better time to expose this. What I mean to say is, you will hear about this eventually. I thought it good, honorable and fair to speak of this now to the Houses of the Bay. To our guests, so that Merdraut’s voice could be heard in proper for the first time as Lord of Windhamsport.” (cont)
[9:48:16 PM] Narrator: “As you are all aware, our house fought as loyalists in the war. We were pardoned by the grace of King Robert, and made anew. But it seems Lord Hoster Tully and his family have naut sought any attempts to offer the same forgiveness. It has been a very troubling situation, and we have considered this carefully. It is for this reason, I have formally denounced my great ancestors oath to House Tully. A raven is en route already for Riverrun. With the wedding of my son to Lady Reagan of House Lannister, and our position on the border, it seemed only truer to consider a Lord where we could stand as vassals of good favor.”
[9:50:26 PM] Narrator: “As I realize this is going to be less than favorable for some, I feel it good not to let my actions reflect poorly on this house. And so I have handed the power of House Erwin to my successor. Lords and Ladies of the Houses of the Bay, may I present to you Merdraut Erwin, Lord of Windhamsport.” He bowed and the crowd was certainly of mixed favor about this. The Lannisters certainly clapped.
[9:50:35 PM] Justin: Again, the pirate grins exposing his teeth. Sinister!
[9:51:20 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier coughed slightly from taking a sip from his cup – looking to his father, then the Lannisters, and deciding to mimic them.
[9:51:31 PM] Narrator: Ser Aaron Mallister and Black Walder, both did not seem too pleased. They both shouted over the crowd, but listened on as Merdraut was to speak.
[9:51:55 PM] Becks: Lycoris dips quickly, automatically, into a low curtsey.
[9:52:09 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan is somewhat shocked but doesn’t show it
[9:52:13 PM] Narrator: Kenson stood by Ser Aaron, Fiona Sperling, Gerrit Sperling and not far from Flora. He eyed Kier with eyes that did not seem so suprised.
[9:52:49 PM] Flora Sperling: With the speeches going on, Flora had drifted to her family – maintaining a neutral expression at the news. It was clear where the Sperlings maintained their allegiance.
[9:53:48 PM] Narrator: Merdraut raised a hand. “I will ride out on the morrow, to kneel before Lord Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock. A letter is set for King Robert’s hands, marking Dafydd’s decision to sever his grandfather’s oath, and my decision to swear fealty to House Lannister.”
[9:55:42 PM] Narrator: Ser Austin Lannister shouted loudly now, so that all coud hear him. “You’re a traitor! The Erwin’s are traitors to Riverrun! I will not stand for this!” Gerrit Sperling tried to intercept him. “Milord, calm down, this can be negotiated.” And a punch followed that put Gerrit on the ground. “Be more like your brother! He would be here with me, if he were not wounded. Banners of the Tullys, are you going to stand by and hear this!?” There was more than a bit of chaos now in the hall.
[9:56:27 PM] Narrator: (whoops, sorry! That makes no sense!)
[9:56:53 PM] Narrator: EDIT: Ser Aaron Mallister!
[9:57:58 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan escorts Kyra out of the dance hall “We best leave”
[9:58:03 PM] Narrator: *The guards moved to surround Ser Aaron. One laid a hand on him, and that guard went down too. At this point, Ser Aaron’s sword was pulled, followed by a storm of swords that followed from all over the hall. It seems this just became a very uncomfortable place.

(At this point I’ll ask what everyone’s plan is. We’ll take one action at a time from each of you and see where this goes.)
[9:59:43 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan is leaving with Kyra
[9:59:58 PM] Becks: Lycoris edges away from Ser Aaron, quite clearly feeling awkward at her proximity to him. At the impending violence, she looks for Lyanna, intending to move towards her protectively.
[10:00:29 PM] Justin: (Joren will be watching, and seeming to enjoy the show very very much. He’s one of those watch the world burn types.)
[10:00:57 PM] Flora Sperling: (Flora is going to try and get her mother out of the hall first.)
[10:01:01 PM] Narrator: Black Walder and his men of the Freys had drawn swords. As did the Erwins and Windhams. A few bannermen of House Sperling as well, wight Gerrit Sperling screaming for them to put the swords away. House Westerling drew their swords in response, as did House Banefort and a few bannermen of House Grawyn. Kenson Grawyn stepped away to get closer to Merdraut and Dafydd.
[10:01:42 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier is going to start to back towards Merdraut, Dafydd and his father, hand on his sword just in case. Best to not be the last person to draw it and always bad to be the first.
[10:04:01 PM] Narrator: Gerrit Sperling rises fast and begins to shout once more. “Enough of this! No blood need be shed here and now! Let us act as civil men.” – Black Walder shouted “You mean as tratiors!?”
[10:05:26 PM] Narrator: Ser Aaron yelled once more. “The oath was broken by your father. He is a traitor, and he will find the King’s Justice by our swords! Ready yourselves, for Lord Hoster!”
[10:05:37 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan once out of the dance hall, motions his two guards that they are leaving the dance to their quarters.
[10:05:51 PM] Narrator: Ser Merdraut. “You wish my father’s head!? And you’re willing to shed blood here for it?”
[10:06:21 PM] Narrator: Noone has stabbed anyone yet. If it gets to that, it seems likely to be a particularly dangerous place
[10:07:36 PM] Narrator: Ser Conrad Windham steps in front of Ser Aaron Mallister, in defense of his Lord.
[10:07:56 PM] Narrator: Crevan’s guards follow Harkin.
[10:08:46 PM] Kier Grawyn: “Always did know how to make a splash, Ser Merdraut.” Kier offered, attempting to add a bit of joviality to lighten the tense mood.
[10:09:12 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora escorted her mother out of the hall and saw her off to their quarters. She then returned but kept herself near the doors, her focus on her brother.
[10:10:54 PM] Narrator: Flora spies Garth Ransford and her cousin Ser Yeak Sperling as some to have drawn their weapons and formed around Ser Aaron. Ser Duc has taken it upon himself to escort Flora and Lady Fiona out. Gerrit seems insistent on trying to place at peacekeeper.
[10:12:22 PM] Narrator: Gerrit Sperling. “Wait! There is another way! Your father must pay for his crimes, Ser Merdraut. Hear me! No blood need be shed! Have him take the black!” Dafydd scoffs in turn. “My son! We outnumber them two to one. This victory is ours!”
[10:12:56 PM] Narrator: Lyanna has gathered not far from Lycoris, trying to blend into the crowd and away from the danger, hoping they don’t spot her for an Erwin…
[10:16:52 PM] Narrator: Merdraut. “Sorry father, but we cannot afford the wrath of Robert Baratheon.” he said in whisper. “It is true! Lord Dafydd had admitted his crime before you all, before stepping down. As Lord of Windhamsport, and the Scorched tower, I sentance him to take the black for his crimes!”

Dafydd seems baffled. “N-no..this wasn’t…”
[10:17:25 PM] Becks: Sidling through the crowd, Lycoris slowly takes hold of Lyanna’s left arm, edging her away from their present precarious position so near Ser Aaron. “Quickly and quietly, young lady,” she says, just in case this doesn’t work out.
[10:18:03 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier looked again over to his father meaningfully.
[10:18:23 PM] Flora Sperling: “Ser Duc…” Flora pleaded as he insisted on her leaving. “You must return and protect Gerrit. Bring him out safely. We already have one injured man in our party and need no more.”
[10:19:07 PM] Narrator: Just then, Lycoris feels resistance as Lyanna’s other hand gets grabbed by one of the Frey’s men. “Not so fast, Erwin. If this goes as it seems, i’ll be wantin’ you fer m’company.”
[10:19:39 PM] Narrator: Ser Duc nodded. “As y’wish, mlat-h”
[10:21:03 PM] Flora Sperling: She nodded gratefully and then hurried on her way toward the Sperling quarters, Lady Sperling already ahead of her.
[10:23:21 PM] Becks: Her eyes narrow at the Frey man. “Unhand the lady, or you’ll cause the fight you fear,” she says softly, so her voice does not carry through the hall.
[10:25:17 PM] Narrator: Ser Aaron’s eyes grew far more angry. “That is not enough! Your family are traitors!” And with that, the fighting broke out. One guard went to place a hand on Aaron, and one of Aaron’s men stabbed the guard. Aaron turned and swung his heavy blade at Conrad who impressively raised his shield in time to block the harsh swing. Two of Ser Aaron’s men fell, and then two of Windhams men, and one of Westerlings. Chaos errupted and all the Lords and ladies moved to exit the bloody hall at once, creating further panic. The Freys did not follow Ser Aaron into this fight. Black Walder and his men took a step back to the wall.
[10:26:13 PM] Narrator: One of Aaron’s men broke past the guards and was moving quickly to Ser Merdraut. Kier was the last armed man between him and his target.
[10:28:35 PM] Justin: When chaos erupts, Joren finally drops his wine glass and draws his sword. Rather than rushing into the fight, however, he moves so that his back is against the wall. He seems content to simply defend himself should anyone armed appoach.
[10:29:44 PM] Kier Grawyn: “Oh hell..” Kier drew his sword the rest of the way, tossing his wine more at the man’s face than elsewhere. “Today’s a good a day as any.”
[10:30:39 PM] Justin: (or a knife in the case Joren was without sword)
[10:30:59 PM] Narrator: Joren found a man did approach, though it hardly seemed ‘by chance’. You see before you Oto Clifton, presumably the ‘betrothed’ of Lady of House Spicer.
[10:31:44 PM] Narrator: (My rule is that any man wishing to bear a sheathed blade, may have done so. That’s the only weapon that would fit, wether it be a long, medium, short sword or dagger.)
[10:34:16 PM] Narrator: The Frey smiled viciously at Lycoris and then licked his lips at Lyanna. “Perhaps I’ll have the both of ye. And maybe your cousins if they’re here.” * He laughed and staggered. This one was drunk.*
[10:35:06 PM] Becks: Lycoris, being a lady, is quite without weaponry on her person. Which is troublesome, given her position. Fortunately, the man taking Lyanna’s arm is quite armed, and so she drops the girl’s arm, and makes to grab a dagger or other short blade that is nearby and not currently in use.
[10:35:36 PM] Narrator: To Be Continued.


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