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Description of the Game

The game is set just a couple short years after Robert Baratheon “The Usurper” claimed the throne. The War is now known as Robert’s Rebellion, but often goes by The Usurper’s War to those still quietly loyal to the fallen Targaryen family.

All of Westeros is not settled in the recent change of rule, and there are whispers of those still loyal to the former royal family of Targaryen. What’s more, there are those unwilling to publically swear allegiance to King Robert. The war torn realm is an unsafe place for travel for the first time in centuries. As with any major coup, the power struggle within the houses has shifted drastically, with many young houses climbing to new heights of influence and power.

Game Details

Game System Song of Ice & Fire RPG by Green Ronin
World Westeros
Date/Time Evenings Pacific Standard Time. 2-4 Sessions a month.
Medium of Play Skype Chat. No Voice Required
Dice Roller Custom Song of Ice & Fire Dice Roller
GM Contact Email: Skype: Akodo_Shimbe

Players will build characters within a dozen or so houses along the western coast of Westeros surrounding Ironman’s Bay. These houses have a long standing tradition of coming together for the purpose of diplomacy , trading and negotiations due to proximity and relationship of being coastal lords.

Players will build minor houses using the rules in the book with some variance. Players make work together or build separate houses, so long as there are three separate houses being portrayed in the end.

Example: In a 8 player example…Bob, Dan and Paul choose to build into 1 house together. Stan and Erica build house 2. Jason, Lisa and Phillip all build a house individually for a total of 5 houses in my game. I have previously posted prerequisites for playing the game that I am now going to remove for the sake of further recruitment. Instead, players unfamiliar with the system or setting must make an effort to understand both. There are several ways to do so:

• Game Book
• Novels (Starting with A Game of Thrones)
• Game of Thrones HBO Series

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