House Sperling

Lord: Lord Willem Sperling
Lady: Lady Fiona Sperling
Notable Figures: Flora Sperling
Pledge of Fealty: House Tully
Stronghold: The Pearl of Liamsport
Rank: Minor

House Sperling traces its earliest roots back to Ser Liam Sperling, a knight in service to House Tully. Ser Liam gallantly defended the Riverland coast from Ironmen incursions while the rest of the realm was distracted by the Rhoynar invasion to the South. He was awarded lands and a title for his heroics.

Ser Liam married a wife of House Windham to cement his place as newly made lord. Many years of peace allowed the Sperling clan to grow in size, as well as, increase their wealth, holdings, and status. The town that sprouted up around them became known as Liamsport and the Sperling castle is often referred to as The Pearl because of the unique white and pink stones that were used to construct it.

About six years ago, Lord Willem Sperling arranged for the marriage of his eldest daughter to Lord Cutteridge of the Iron Islands hoping to increase the security of his coastal holdings. But the fragile alliance was destroyed when his daughter fled home with her newborn son, and Lord Cutteridge’s heir, at the news of her husband’s death.

Rodrik Cutteridge, brother of the late Maron Cutteridge, has assumed rule of House Cutteridge. His first set of actions after assuming control was to demand the boy heir be returned to him, along with the traitor that took him. When House Sperling refused this act, House Cutteridge sent raiding parties into the lands surrounding Liamsport, wreaking havoc upon their people’s settlements until word that the Usurper’s War had ended. The raiding parties returned home, and House Sperling has been cleaning up the mess ever since.


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House Sperling

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