House Erwin

Lord: Lord Dafydd Erwin
Lady: Lady Shandy Erwin
Pledge of Fealty: House Tully
Stronghold: Windhamsport
House: Minor

The house owes it’s existence to House Windham. Less than a century ago, House Windham found itself in hard times. Lord Dafydd Windham found himself dieing without a male heir. Out of desperation he married his daughter to a son of Daemon Blackfyre, one of the legitimized bastard children of House Targaryen and named Vaynard Blackfyre the rightful heir to Windhamsport and his lands.

It was less than a decade before The Blackfyre Rebellion started. Lord Vaynard answered his families call in the rebellion, and fought against the rightful heirs to the throne. Ser Geoff Rivers, bastard son of the late Dafydd Windham rallied an army of peasants loyal to House Targaryen, reinforced with mercenaries to fight against Vaynard’s forces. Ser Geoff Rivers defeated Vaynard’s forces and claimed (Stronghold). House Targaryen legitimized his claim. The new house was named Erwin after Ser Geoff’s late grandfather.

House Erwin was loyal to House Targaryen during the War of the Usurper, and fell to defeat by sheer overwhelming odds from it’s enemies. Lord Bledoc died heirless during the seige of Windhamsport by the Westerling Houses, passing the control of the house to his younger brother Dafydd. Dafydd’s eldest son Ifan was also a casulaty of this loss. Despite being on the losing side, House Erwin is far from suffering in it’s current state.


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House Erwin

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