House Crevan

Lord: Lord Reece Crevan
Lady: Lady Jessa Crevan
Notable Figures: | Harkin Crevan | Madison Crevan | Erica Crevan |
Pledge of Fealty: House Stark
Stronghold: Fox Fields
Rank: Minor

House Crevan was founded just over a century ago by a Hedge Knight by the name of Todd Crevan. Todd swore fealty to House Moss as a young adult. After a few years of service, rumours of Todd’s madness circulated quickly. The landed knights mocked Todd in public situations, and frequently in front of his Lord of Moss. They say that Todd became a Knight Errant when the mockery became too much to handle.

It is said that Todd set out on a quest to find a new life. His travels would eventually take him west towards the lands of House Flint of Flint’s Finger where he would meet young daughter that was too far removed from the main line to be considered in the line of inheritance. The Maiden Tanya calmed the voices in Todd’s head that were growing far worse since his departure. Todd did not remain in the lands of Flint as Lady Tanya’s family had little in the way of inheritance to offer Todd.

Todd and Tanya set out further west to the Cape Kraken where they came across a small town in trouble. Todd used his cunning and digression to out manoeuvre the brigands holding fast in the tower. A blunt weapon hit his helm during this conflict, and it seemed the madness came back in full. Todd treated the voices as advisors, and sided with their suggestions over those of Tanya. He would go on to claim the stronghold of Fox Fields as his own, without petitioning Lord Stark for right.

Under the advisement of his own madness, Todd sent all his forces but his personal guard to the support of the King during the Blackfyre Rebellion, House Stark deemed the claim of Fox Fields unruly and sent a small force to deal with Todd Crevan. Be it a matter of fortune or fate, House Crevan was legitimized by the King before the forces of the Warden of the North arrived to demonstrate justice.

The next generation of the house seemed to have similar bouts of madness, resulting in-fighting and murder. House Stark honoured the King’s requests, but made certain that the times would be hard on House Crevan, offering them little pardon; never forgetting the dishonour.

In the recent years, Lord Reece has played the Game of Thrones with mixed results. At first, things seemed well as he gained the favour of the King. All seemed well until Robert’s Rebellion. Lord Reece used a clever tactic, trying to play both sides of the war. He offered men to Eddard Stark, and funding to the King’s army. These actions were exposed after the war, which did not strengthen the House’s relations with the Starks. The actions were not addressed as a treason, but instead overlooked. It seemed the Lords of Westeros was in too much turmoil to be concerned with one scoundrel-lord.

If this exposure was not enough, the house also faced significant losses from their main family line, including Reece’s brother Keagan to the war, and his first son Varro to a hunting accident, placing the house’s fortune in a significant decline.


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House Crevan

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