[27/08/2011 7:21:55 PM] Narrator: Event 1, Session 3

Today started with a pink sky; an ominous warning of storms for any would-be sailor of the Seven Kingdoms. And in the storm, a great hunt would take place. It was not the prize boar that would mark the day’s events, but the death of seven men in the hunt. Though there are a great many rumors about, the shared testimony of Hendrick Sperling and Ser Duc Eddy has informed that it was Hendrick Sperling that was the target of an assassination in the woods.

Their witness tells that the assailants were ready to murder Hendrick when Ward Landon drew their attention to the ambush. Ward, second heir of newly raised House Landon; would die in this ambush along with Ser Brayden Banefort. The assailants were said to be House Arbon’s banner men, currently assigned to the escort of Pedr Gilbert. Pedr did not participate in this morning’s hunt.

Windhamsport was on high alert for the rest of the day, but it seemed to have started well before the riders from the hunt returned with the grave news. House Erwin’s garrison and infantry could be seen moving about the town on patrol, and fewer traders filled the streets in the afternoon as they did in the morning.

Session 3 opens after the early evening’s wedding ceremonies. The wedding party was busy with rehearsal, and everyone was asked to gather at the banquet hall for the presentation of the boar from the hunting party to Ser Merdraut. Afterwards came the wedding’s eve feast, with significantly more wine available than the gatherings the last few nights prior.

Live music now fills the main banquet hall as many of the wedding’s guests now gather to dance. Others have left the main banquet hall to a gathering hall nearby to continue conversations that could simply not be heard over the loud music. As guests of the Scorched Tower, all of the first floor has been made available to you, though House Erwin and House Windham’s guards line the walls of every hall and room in the castle.

(I will likely split rooms between those involved in the dance, and those at the gathering hall. Anyone who wishes to be somewhere away from both rooms can whisper me their starting location)

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MSBiO-RB1g – general dance style)
[27/08/2011 7:27:44 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan would spend time with Kyra in dance. It was smoothing to be near his wife and she doesn’t get to enjoy the dance that often.
[27/08/2011 7:31:16 PM] Justin: For his part, Joren is seated with a glass of wine in one hand. His attention is fixed on whichever woman has caught his attention at the moment. Probably some low born serving girl. His wandering eyes are …less than polite. A smile graces the pirates face.
[27/08/2011 7:36:30 PM] Narrator: Among the many faces at the dance, are Lord Dafydd, his wife Shandy, and their children Ser Merdraut, Lyanna and Huw, Austin Lannister and his daughter Regan.
[27/08/2011 7:39:12 PM] Narrator: Of house Sperling, Gerrit Sperling was present and dancing with a young maiden from House Banefort. Of house Grawyn, Lord Kenson was present and looking over the dance. Ser Conrad Windham and his brother Wesley were present and standing guard over the banquet hall along with other members of House Erwins elite men.
[27/08/2011 7:39:28 PM] Tishie: Truth
[27/08/2011 7:40:11 PM] Narrator: Two of the faces have been missing from tonight’s events. Pedr Gilbert, and Lord Ros Landon.
[27/08/2011 7:45:02 PM] Flora Sperling: Not interested in dancing, per se, Flora found herself drifting between the rooms. For now, she was back in the banquet hall, admiring the gowns and jewels of the other women present, not that she was dressed shabbily. Her gown was nicely made with elegant touches and a few simple jewels adorned her neck and hair.
[27/08/2011 7:45:55 PM] Narrator: The current song has a faster tempo, and the dance that follows is one that encourages more energy. Women in a circle dancing clockwise as the men circle around them dancing in counter. As the chorus of the song returns, the men and women face one another and lock hands, following clockwise until the song ends, and then return to resume their original places. As this dance goes on, it ends up being an opportunity for many men and women to speak to one another mid dance, so long as they can manage the breath.
[27/08/2011 7:48:36 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan smiles as he meet up with Kyra “I hope you are enjoying the song.”
[27/08/2011 7:51:47 PM] Narrator: (Joren, Kier and Flora, i need to know your general locations. Will you be in or around the banquet hall where the dance is taking place?)
[27/08/2011 7:52:11 PM] Tishie: (( Indeed I shall! ))
[27/08/2011 7:53:08 PM] Justin: (Joren is wherever the wine is, drinking - not dancing)
[27/08/2011 7:53:47 PM] Tishie: (( Kier, being Kier is drinking away the many, many problems he as with his life and being. )
[27/08/2011 7:54:41 PM] Narrator: Kyra smiles at Harkin and offers a nod. She seems to be running low on breath at this point and she takes a moment to call out in turn "I am! It is certainly fas
." and with that the music breaks into the second verse, meaning that the couples split once more, and return to their gener filtered circles.
[27/08/2011 7:54:50 PM] Flora Sperling: (Flora is off to the side of the banquet hall watching the dancing.)
[27/08/2011 7:55:20 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan laughs slightly and takes a breath as they split
[27/08/2011 7:58:19 PM] Justin: Joren looks over to Kier. There’s something cruel about the sinister fellows laugh, “You pick one for tonight yet?”
[27/08/2011 8:04:48 PM] Narrator: The first couple songs have come and gone. The song that follows is one that is particularly slow, too slow to gain most people’s favor after such a fast song. The majority of the crowd leaves the dance floor with smiles, and a few dozen men and women remain behind, finding a partner to dance this dance with.
[27/08/2011 8:06:40 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan escorts his love off the floor for a break “I promise you more after a break.” They makes way to some wine before finding a place to catch their breaths a moment
[27/08/2011 8:07:09 PM] Narrator: Kyra seemed okay with that. She looks a bit winded after that.
[27/08/2011 8:07:12 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora drifted along listening to the conversations taking place around the banquet hall. Somewhere along the way, she picked up a glass of wine and sipped on it periodically.
[27/08/2011 8:08:00 PM] Tishie: Kier quietly looked over the group, tongue stuck firmly in cheek before he laughed. “Just one? I wasn’t yet so tired this evening.”
[27/08/2011 8:09:09 PM] Narrator: Darin Forrest spotted Flora as he was coming off the dance floor. He gave a nod. “Hello m’lady. Have you spotted my brother Verus about by chance? I have not seen him since we finished the feast.”
[27/08/2011 8:10:56 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan comments to Kyra as a sip of wine “I wish to give Lord Ros my apologies later. I could not bare the thought of losing Alec”
[27/08/2011 8:13:44 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora smiled and dipped her head in polite greeting to Darin. “I wish that I could answer in some other way but… I have not seen him. I was just considering a walk so if I should chance upon him, I’d be happy to let him know that you’ve inquired after him.”
[27/08/2011 8:15:24 PM] Tishie: He brushed his hair from his face, musing over the crowd as he looked back to Joren. “Most of them aren’t really worth the time. Hoping to get pregnant in one so they can get a marriage above their station looking from the lot.”
[27/08/2011 8:16:30 PM] Narrator: Kyra nodded to Harkin at first, but slapped him on the arm towards the end of his statement. “Don’t speak of such things. He is but a boy. A very healthy, very safe…boy. Event so…I can see how Lord Ros would find tonight fit for mourning rather than celebration.”
[27/08/2011 8:17:36 PM] Narrator: Darin gave a nod to Flora “If you see him, would you pass on that I would like to speak with him. I h-.”

At that point, Lyanna Erwin has approached the two of you. She gave a proper bow of her head to both Flora and Darin. Darin raised a brow, and looked back to Flora.
[27/08/2011 8:19:13 PM] Narrator: (I should make a note that Kyra’s slap was neither hard nor noticeable.)
[27/08/2011 8:19:25 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan protects his cup of wine when she hits his arm then takes a sip “I know I know my love. Just saying I understand. I pray each night for our son.”
[27/08/2011 8:24:02 PM] Justin: “Fuck em,” A drunken Joren comments from his bench, “Can think of a few ways to make sure they dont ge with child.” Though not very funny, the pirate laughs loudly at his own joke. Based on his expression, it could be inferred that whatever he had in mind wasn’t terribly friendly.
[27/08/2011 8:27:45 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora returned the courtesy with a dip of the head and offered a smile to Lyanna. “lady Lyanna, this is a pleasant surprise. I hope the festivities find you well this night.”
[27/08/2011 8:28:40 PM] Narrator: (By the way, a player just reminded me that I don’t have anything up for forms of address. Fortunately I found something westeros related a while back. And created a quick guide of it now. http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/botb/wikis/forms-of-address )
[27/08/2011 8:29:31 PM] Tishie: Kier laughed, if not just because it seemed safer to laugh than otherwise so long as no one as particularly paying attention. He up-nodded to indicate Flora. “Do you know that one, then?”
[27/08/2011 8:32:13 PM] Narrator: Lyanna gave a smile to Flora and then looked to Darin with a warm smile. Her eyes were ablaze with playfulness and mischief. “Thank you lady Flora. It is my hope that you have enjoyed my brothers festivities. Certainly it is a blessing from the Mother that your brothers wounds were not grave.”
[27/08/2011 8:35:19 PM] Justin: “No,” His laughter fades as fast as it came on, all the while this time it’s Flora he’s looking up and down. With her being noble and all, his attention is much closer to polite and only borderig on scandalous, “No, but the high born ones are trouble. Trouble.”
[27/08/2011 8:37:07 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan leans to Kyra “I think I need some fresh air a moment. You wish to join me or stay and enjoy the music?”
[27/08/2011 8:38:17 PM] Flora Sperling: “I am enjoying them a great deal.” She returned in a similar form, matching Lyanna in tone and expression. Naturally, though, Flora’s mood darkened as she brought up the following. “My enjoyment could only be increased if I felt more assured my brother’s full recovery. As you know, his wounds are quite grievous. We are all terribly distraught. I can only imagine the pain House Landon must be experiencing this night. It is a shame that such a tragedy should mar the eve of your brother’s wedding.”
[27/08/2011 8:39:27 PM] Narrator: Kyra eyes her husband, and speaks sincerely. “If you intend to seek after Ros, husband; then I will leave you to do so alone. Certainly I could stay and smile, and enjoy the festivities. However, if it is truly air you seek, then I will join you.”
[27/08/2011 8:43:25 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan smiles as it seems his wife can read his mind “You know me to well my love.” He leans in to kiss her on the cheek “I was thinking about Ros. I’m a very lucky husband to have you.” He finishes his wine with his wife, standing close to her on his arm before he departs to find Ros
[27/08/2011 8:47:42 PM] Narrator: Another slow song follows the last one. Some additional male and female couples join the dozen others to this dance. Lyanna looks back to the floor a moment and then to Flora “Yes, it is not the way my Lord Father or Lord brother would have wished it. They are very much our guests the same as you, or he.” she motioned to Darin. “My lord father will certainly speak of such matters with your father, or Lord Ros when tomorrows ceremonies are over to discuss vengeance, or retribution. But for now, i think it best that all of us who do not mourn ought enjoy the festivities for the sake of my Lord Brother and Lady Regan.” She looked to Darin a moment and smiled. “Come now, certainly you would not refuse your hosts’ daughter while she requests your presence on the dance floor.”
[27/08/2011 8:48:24 PM] Narrator: Darin replied “Milady, I am afraid I do not know the dance.” – “Then I will teach you.” Lyanna replied – “I am not very good at dancing, milady.” – “Then you must learn, come.” It seemed that conversation was over.
[27/08/2011 8:49:22 PM] Narrator: Kyra smiled and waved to her husband before turning back to the party to find a drink. She had been drinking very modestly tonight.
[27/08/2011 8:52:00 PM] Narrator: Lord Kenson found Kier and Joren and smiled at his approach. The flush in his face revealed he had been drinking…a lot… “M’boy, I was looking for you. You missed a very amusing scene on the dance floor. It seems a lady went for Huw’s right hand mid dance, and realized all too late that he had not for one. She fell in front of everyone.” He then realized Kier was talking with Joren and looked over. “Oh’em, my apologies. Kier, I believe proper introductions are in order.”
[27/08/2011 8:52:02 PM] Tishie: “Less diseases up front. Such is the connundrum.”
[27/08/2011 8:53:35 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan exits the dance and enters the hall nearby. He dips his head slightly to any who glance his way as he moves along. Then makes way to the Landon guest quarters.
[27/08/2011 8:56:47 PM] Justin: “Indeed,” Joren stands, “Joren Rockfish, hier to house Rockfish.” While polite, he doesn’t come off as friendly in the slightest. He watches the other man with sinister eyes.
[27/08/2011 8:59:24 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora was once again left to her own devices and, so, she began a circuitous walk around the banquet hall that eventually had her heading toward the exit to explore some of the other gathering places of the scorched tower.
[27/08/2011 9:01:39 PM] Tishie: Kier bowed politely at this. “No, I did not notice such a thing Lord Father.” He smiled pleasantly. “Though I am sad that I missed something so humourous. Joren Rockfish and I were to take in the signts of the dance floor itself and set upon it our own plans of conquest. Hier to the House of Rockfish might I introduce my own Lord Father.”
[27/08/2011 9:07:33 PM] Narrator: Kenson did a doubletake, and then smiled. “Ahh, Lord Rockfish. Harlon’s son? Your house is young, but has proven rather accomplished for it’s age. Very impressive.” He gave a wave. “You ought go then. Please, do not let an older man trouble you with boring stories of the past. There is conquest to find.” He motions to the women all about. He then smiles.
[27/08/2011 9:09:46 PM] Justin: “Conquest,” Joren agrees loudly, “There shall be that tonight.” Then he’s off for more wine.
[27/08/2011 9:26:07 PM] Narrator: As Joren reaches the wine and poors, he hears someone directly behind him. It’s Austin Lannister. He looks rather red faced and sweatty. He notices you as you eye over his drenched person. “The worst combination.” he banters “Too much dancing, and too little wine.”
[27/08/2011 9:29:44 PM] Justin: “Indeed. It’s early, you should get more wine, Ser!” He laughs, but does not go as far as patting the other on the back. And, at that he refills his own glass as his eyes once again wander to potential conquests for the evening.
[27/08/2011 9:30:18 PM] Tishie: Kier chuckled at his father’s stories, nodding. “Is that what I should do then, seek conquest?”
[27/08/2011 9:35:11 PM] Narrator: Kenson looked back to Kier. “You know what we must find you, m’boy.” He took a gulp of his wine and wiped his mouth clean on his sleeve.
[27/08/2011 9:35:51 PM] Narrator: (Joren can give me an awareness/notice roll.)
[27/08/2011 9:36:29 PM] Tishie: Kier nodded, some of the human lost in his face as he stood up straighter and nodded. “..Of course, Lord Father. Another, glass then? Shall I fetch you one.”
[27/08/2011 9:36:46 PM] Justin: (yay, 17)
[27/08/2011 9:45:52 PM] Narrator: Kenson to Kier: “That would be good, good miboy.” He grins.
[27/08/2011 9:49:18 PM] Narrator: Joren notices a particular noblewoman of House Spicer that has fixated her eyes on the gruff ironborn that he is. She’s looked his way numorous times tonight. You know the Spicers are of a landed status. She has sandy blonde hair and a freckled face. She is fair looking, neither gorgeous nor unattractive. (Status – breeding to know more.)
[27/08/2011 9:50:32 PM] Justin: (16)
[27/08/2011 9:55:40 PM] Narrator: House Spicer comes from common roots. The founder, just two generations
back, was a spice merchant who traded in saffron and pepper. His
wife was a terrifying crone, who was said to be a priestess and maegi.

The Spicers are landed nobility but are not quite lords, yet. The head of
the family is Ser Rolph Spicer, a square-built man with a broken nose
and a close-cropped grey beard. The family’s cousin is Ser Samwell, a
knight of little import.

Ser Rolph’s sister, Lady Sybell, is wedded to Lord Gawen Westerling. Lady Sybell and Lord Gawen are present. This one is Ser Rolph and lady Sybell’s first cousin, Rhea Spicer.
[27/08/2011 9:58:24 PM] Justin: (I think a table/chart of forms of address would be very helpful. To my, anyway.)
[27/08/2011 10:00:58 PM] Narrator: (I’ll see if i can translate it properly. This was a quick copy and paste.)
[27/08/2011 10:01:28 PM] Justin: With a rather smug grin and predatory eyes, Joren heads towards Rhea. He’s clearly confident in his own abilites, “House Spicer if I’m not mistaken? I’ve heard good things!”
[27/08/2011 10:03:15 PM] Narrator: She bowed in turn and blushed a bit. Her skin was fair with freckles which made the blush so much more obvious. “And you are of the Iron Isles, milord. Lady Sybell tells me you are of House Rockfish. I do not know of your house, milord, pardon my ignorance.”
[27/08/2011 10:07:34 PM] Justin: Rather than being offended by her lack of knowledge, he goes on with the same self assured grin, “We own some of the most productive iron mines on this side of Westeros.” A boast of dubious veracity, “Our smiths turn out fine arms, and our raiders are rightly feared.”
[27/08/2011 10:14:42 PM] Narrator: She swoons a bit at your stories. “Such power, milord. I am certain you will rule such one day with all of the traits that one would wish a lord to have.” She sips from her wine glass.
[27/08/2011 10:24:20 PM] Narrator: Verus enters the Banquet Hall.
[27/08/2011 10:25:26 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest takes a moment to look at the various folks gathered and as he does such he makes his way to get some wine
[27/08/2011 10:26:08 PM] Justin: “You’re sweating,” Joren comments rather unromantically, “Perhaps some fresh air? Cool night air would be refreshing? Though, truth is its not salty enough here for my liking.”
[27/08/2011 10:29:22 PM] Narrator: “No? The sea is nearby. Salt is one of the many spices that my family was made for, milord.” She bantered. “I too would not mind fresh air.” She eyes your arm.
[27/08/2011 10:29:53 PM] Justin: And with that, his arm is offered and, presumably they depart.
[27/08/2011 10:29:56 PM] Justin: (and I need sleep. :( )
[27/08/2011 10:30:16 PM] Verus Forrest: ((night Justin))
[27/08/2011 10:30:39 PM] Flora Sperling: (Nighty Night J)
[27/08/2011 10:33:08 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest has found some wine and goes about taking a few drinks, as he wanders around the Dancing Hall, watching for his Siblings
[27/08/2011 10:33:56 PM] Tishie: Kier nodded to Verus as he approached to get wine, handing him his cup before getting another for himself. “Exciting night, so I am told.”
[27/08/2011 10:36:22 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest looks over at Keir a moment then looks at the area a moment “I suppose, anything noteworthy happen this evening?”
[27/08/2011 10:39:03 PM] Narrator: Just about then, a very large and tall man from a minor house (status – breeding for heraldry) approaches. He looks quite drunk and seems angry as he fills his wine cup and drinks it in but a couple gulps. He all but paces about, fumeing.
[27/08/2011 10:39:28 PM] Tishie: “Well… I lost my last conversational partner to a woman.” Kier eyed the door and then gave an absent shrug, taking a long sip of his drink. “But then things are… er… Well..” He cut off at the man entering – considering him with a tongue well in cheek.
[27/08/2011 10:39:51 PM] Verus Forrest: ((8))
[27/08/2011 10:41:22 PM] Narrator: (Verus, you are unfamiliar with the heraldry. You feel like you know it’s of the Westerlands though, but you can’t recall who they owe direct fealty.)
[27/08/2011 10:41:54 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest looks at the tall man pacing about nearby then glances over at Keir “There appears to be plenty of people here socializing you could have spoke with any of them if your missing that sort of thing…”
[27/08/2011 10:42:57 PM] Tishie: (( 11! ))
[27/08/2011 10:44:53 PM] Narrator: ( House Clifton is a noble house from the Westerlands. It is a vassal house of House Farman of Fair Isle. Sebastion Farman’s sister, Jeyne, is wed to Ser Gareth Clifton. )
[27/08/2011 10:47:35 PM] Narrator: “She better not have.” the man said loudly to himself, not realizing Kier or Verus were right near him.
[27/08/2011 10:48:30 PM] Tishie: “Ser Clifton – we were just saying how well it would be for a third to join us and drink.” Kier practically lit up, putting on his most charming smile. “Would we then have the honor of your presence with us? I fear I was boring young Lord Forrest with my boyish attempt at humor.”
[27/08/2011 10:49:31 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest raises a brow and looks at the angry man “Yes…more drink…”
[27/08/2011 10:50:10 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest takes a drink of his wine as to not say something that he could regret
[27/08/2011 10:50:34 PM] Narrator: He seems to ignore the invitation, focussed in his anger on one particular thing. “I am looking for somemone.” He says in turn. “Lady Rhea Spicer. She’s not here anymore. Did you see her? Did she leave? Was she alone?”
[27/08/2011 10:51:45 PM] Verus Forrest: “I have not seen Lady Rhea, I have only just arrived a few moments ago”
[27/08/2011 10:53:51 PM] Tishie: “Then.. I trust that you are her intended, then? I hear she is quite a beauty..” He took a drink from his glass, eyes kept thoughtfully down.
[27/08/2011 10:56:13 PM] Narrator: “I am her betrothed.” He gave a nod. “Someone….someone just told me she left on the arm of some ironmen playing at lord. Bloody fucking raiders, the whole lot of ‘em.”
[27/08/2011 10:56:29 PM] Narrator: (At this point Harkin can reenter.)
[27/08/2011 10:57:33 PM] Tishie: “Well, I’ll drink to that.” Kier offered a glass down to him. “Can you even believe one would be invited here to a gathering of proper nobles?”
[27/08/2011 10:58:07 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan looks the large man as he steps through to his wife. “I hope it wasn’t too boring while I was gone.” he comments to Kyra
[27/08/2011 11:00:05 PM] Verus Forrest: “Could I suggest that you check outside then, if someone had seen her leave…perhaps they are outside?”
[27/08/2011 11:01:05 PM] Narrator: He filled up his glass once more and downed it. “You’re right. Outside…” (empathy roll if you will.)
[27/08/2011 11:01:14 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest finishes his drink and looks around again a moment to see if his brother or sister are still around…
[27/08/2011 11:01:17 PM] Tishie: “Oh, fsh, she probably left with several other women you know how they are. Like geese always in flocks with gossip and talk.” Kier shook his head once, stepping half between the man and the door after giving Verus a look.
[27/08/2011 11:01:37 PM] Verus Forrest: ((14))
[27/08/2011 11:01:40 PM] Narrator: Kyra smiles at her husband’s approach. She had been dancing with a group of others, including Darin Forrest. Darin makes his way over towards Verus, having spotted him.
[27/08/2011 11:02:26 PM] Narrator: (He looks like he’s drinking himself some extra courage. Like a man who’s readying to do something very brave, or very stupid. Judgeing by his last few comments, probably the later.)
[27/08/2011 11:03:22 PM] Harkin Crevan: (hehe)
[27/08/2011 11:03:32 PM] Verus Forrest: ((heh not my problem XD))
[27/08/2011 11:05:12 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest looks over toward his brother glad to have a distraction from the angry drunk guy “Brother, Enjoying the festivities this evening?”
[27/08/2011 11:06:47 PM] Narrator: Darin looked a bit in shock, but nods in agreement.
[27/08/2011 11:07:04 PM] Narrator: In walks Lady Flora, Lady Lucille Forrest and Ser Imri Rosen.
[27/08/2011 11:07:22 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan offers a hand to his wife as the next song is about to play “Shall we?”
[27/08/2011 11:07:39 PM] Narrator: (one sec, brb)
[27/08/2011 11:13:12 PM] Narrator: (back)
[27/08/2011 11:13:26 PM] Verus Forrest: ((wb))
[27/08/2011 11:13:38 PM] Narrator: Lady Kyra nods to Harkin and takes his hand. “How was your meeting?”
[27/08/2011 11:14:22 PM] Tishie: (( 11 on persuasion to convince him to hey, sit and drink with me ))
[27/08/2011 11:14:56 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest nods to Flora, Lucille and Ser imri as they enter the room
[27/08/2011 11:15:06 PM] Narrator: (Go ahead and type that out Tish, and i’ll have him respond accordingly in character.)
[27/08/2011 11:15:25 PM] Harkin Crevan: “Lucky to have gotten one. He didn’t want to see anyone but he made an exception”
[27/08/2011 11:16:45 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora returned the nod and smiled. But, for at least the moment, she said nothng more – just getting her bearings on the lay of the land and its occupants.
[27/08/2011 11:20:36 PM] Verus Forrest: “How is your evening so far Lady Flora?”
[27/08/2011 11:21:49 PM] Tishie: “You know how silly women can be with their grouping and gossiping. Last I saw she was speaking to a dear lady from House Crevan or some such. Best not to get in their business – Gods know what becomes of a man who gets in between a lady and her desire to gossip.” He offered a glass ou tthen.
[27/08/2011 11:24:10 PM] Narrator: *The big gruff man grunted and then gave a nod.
“You’re right…out with other maidens, likely. The gathering room, no doubt.” He took the wine glass and eased a bit, but still seemed like it was eating him up. “I am Oto Clifton.”
[27/08/2011 11:24:14 PM] Flora Sperling: “I have little cause for complaint, Lord Verus. The wine is excellent, the music lively, and the feast was delicious. I hope the events of morning have not ruined your night.” Her well wishes were said with utmost empathy and concern.
[27/08/2011 11:25:17 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan dances with his wife out on the floor with other couples
[27/08/2011 11:25:48 PM] Tishie: “Kier Grawyn.” He raised a toast to the other man, positioning himself so that Oto’s back would be invariably towards the door. “That is the difficulty with a beautiful young wife to be, isn’t it? The ever worry of other eyes. Still, a beautiful betrothed makes for a proud husband and that’s worth another drink.”
[27/08/2011 11:29:01 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest manages a slight smile before responding “I will manage, but thank you for your concern Lady Flora”
[27/08/2011 11:32:08 PM] Narrator: Oto raised a glass and drank it. “Y’have that right. Beautiful, she is. Her face is marked with freckles. I love freckles. I’m happy she didn’t leave with that Ironmen craven. Ironmen, nothing but trouble. Y’know, me sister was raped by one of ‘em in Sperling lands while travelin’ through. She wasn’t killed, though. She gave birth to the bastard and now me father can’t find someone for her hand. I bet that scum would’ve tried to rape my betrothed too, if she went with ‘im. That’s all those toothless raiders do.”
[27/08/2011 11:32:35 PM] Flora Sperling: “I hear that dancing is a great remedy for ailing spirits. I see many young women in need of a partner. Why don’t you consider a turn or two around the dance floor before the night comes to a close?” She suggested with a smile. There was no underlying suggestion to her words, so it was clear that was not in the market for a dance herself.
[27/08/2011 11:33:44 PM] Narrator: Lucile Forrest: “Well, look at this. Verus and Darin near a dance. I fear that even a painted portrait of this returned to father would not be enough to have him believe it, nor one thousand testimonies.”
[27/08/2011 11:34:58 PM] Tishie: Gives a chuckle to his credit and extreme effort, downing his drink as he realized rather clearly he had not had enough to deal with this situation. “Well, should I be lucky enough one day to find a maiden as untouched and fair. Nonsense.. what would a lady so good wish with an Ironman, anyhow? This is a place for civility and lightheartedness and those lot wouldn’t know what to do with a woman that was neither crying nor asking for payment.” Another long drink.
[27/08/2011 11:36:07 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest looks over toward his sister with a grin “True enough sister, And What have you been upto this evening? Anything interesting?”
[27/08/2011 11:37:26 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest shifts his attention back toward Lady Flora a moment to respond to her suggestion “It is a sound suggestion Lady Flora, though it may have to wait till later”
[27/08/2011 11:37:54 PM] Narrator: Lucille responded: “Getting to know Lady Flora, and conversing with some of this others in the gathering room. Did you know that they say there were a bunch of murders right here in Windhamsport? Pedr Gilbert’s bastard brother was one, they say.” – She was obviously limited in what she has heard.
[27/08/2011 11:39:13 PM] Narrator: Oto nods to Kier “Civil. Yeah. We’ll show them raiders who’s the civil lot.” – and in a completely drunken and contradicting fashion, he spouted immediately “If he was here, i’d kill him good, I would. For my sister, and the lot of us.”
[27/08/2011 11:39:15 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan asks his wife while close and going slow to the music “Make any friends?”
[27/08/2011 11:39:52 PM] Harkin Crevan: (I love Oto =) )
[27/08/2011 11:40:26 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest nods to his Sister “Actually, I did hear that aswell…the whole set of events are quite the mess”
[27/08/2011 11:41:49 PM] Tishie: “Ahahaha—another drink” Kier simply handed his glass to Oto, taking the man’s other glass and starting to fill it for himself. After confirming with a glance around there was none but him to keep the situation civil he simply made a note to extract a favor later. “When is the wedding then, good sirrah? I should imagine it will be quite a large affair from such noble families as your two.”
[27/08/2011 11:42:15 PM] Narrator: Kyra gave a nod “Lady Lyanna Erwin. It seems she has grown quite fond of Darin Forrest. I hardly know Darin, but being from the north; she felt a need to ask me dozens of questions as if all of us northern families were siblings.” She chuckled at the situation. “Ah, to be young and think you know of love. It never is, is it? Always a foolish sort of crush. I am thankful we have a boy to start with.”
[27/08/2011 11:43:05 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan subdues a chuckles
[27/08/2011 11:43:44 PM] Harkin Crevan: “Definitely been amusing I see”
[27/08/2011 11:46:33 PM] Narrator: Oto: “Not soon enough.” he said between drinks “I’ve been pressing me father to get the bloody deal underway, but he is taking too long. I don’t go to the whores like the others, and i’m getting tired of waiting. It’s not that I don’t like a pair o’ tits. But if you’ve heard some o’ the stories i’ave, you’d stay clear of ‘em too. My cousin’s second cousin in House Farman. He visited a whore on Fair Isle and got a rash. A week later, it burned his cock right off.” The story was absurd, but Oto told the story as if it were a mere matter of fact.
[27/08/2011 11:47:08 PM] Verus Forrest: ((lol))
[27/08/2011 11:47:13 PM] Harkin Crevan: (lol)
[27/08/2011 11:48:18 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora attempted to drown out Oto’s blabbering by focusing on Lucille and Verus. “I’ve heard much the same.” She agreed. “The matter is odd to say the least. Has anyone seen Lord Gilbert since this morning?”
[27/08/2011 11:49:34 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest shakes his head before speaking up “Though I heard he was quite angry and confused by the ordeal”
[27/08/2011 11:50:26 PM] Narrator: Kyra nods and chuckles. “Half the time, those sorts that love only lead to dissapointment. It’s a lesson, I suppose. We don’t just run off and marry for love. It’s a responsability. If you keep your heart guarded, you can find love with your betrothed instead of seeking it off of foolish first glances. But most never learn it, and dread the lives they lead.”
[27/08/2011 11:51:57 PM] Tishie: Kier found himself simply staring. There was not nearly enough wine for this moment. “Oh… yes. Tits. Just.. love them.” He finally managed after a moment. “Still.. it’s ah.. good that you’ve decided to keep true to your betrothed. It speaks good things about the marriage to come if both sides can keep their heads clear for it. Though, I do sympathize. My own Lord Father has barely even considered me twice in such things. He keeps saying that it’s worthless to try and marry off a boy who hasn’t even the sense to grow some scruff.”
[27/08/2011 11:54:29 PM] Verus Forrest: “This reminds me, Darin when you have time we need to discuss some things”
[27/08/2011 11:55:11 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest has a rather serious tone rather suddenly as he spoke his last comment
[27/08/2011 11:55:49 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan gives his wife a peck on the cheek “I hope we can teach our son some of that lesson unless he becomes thick headed.”
[27/08/2011 11:56:30 PM] Narrator: Oto shrugs. “Me’ cousin Jacob says it’s known to be true that if a boy visits a whore, he wakes up the next morn with double the hairs on ‘is face. Then again, I wouldn’t risk it… Maybe find a maiden of common blood. ‘At sounds less the danger.”
[27/08/2011 11:57:48 PM] Narrator: Darin nods as if he was thinking the same thing. “We ought find time.”
[27/08/2011 11:59:19 PM] Tishie: Kier looked around for a moment to see if someone else were looking at this or would perhaps tell him this was a joke before nodding. “Well.. of course, you can hurt a lady terrible if you don’t know what you’re doing. Certainly some practice then with a common girl.”
[12:01:05 AM] Narrator: Gerrit Sperling can be seen walking by towards one of the balconies, with three women at his side. “So there I was, standing alone. The rest were dead. And after fallen, I was without my sword, which had slid down the path. I looked the bandits right in the eyes and said “No more blood need be drawn. I will pay your dues, but youo must give me a price within reason. And after but a minute, I had talked them down to the price of a horse…” – the story continues, but he is now out of ear range.
[12:01:52 AM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest looks over at Lady Flora and his sister Lady Lucille “Excuse us Ladies, but I still have some business to deal with before I can continue enjoying the festivities this evening”
[12:03:40 AM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest motions for Darin to walk with him as he starts to head toward the doorway that leads outside “Let’s go brother”
[12:03:56 AM] Verus Forrest: ((doh didn’t mean to post that yet))
[12:03:56 AM] Flora Sperling: Flora really couldn’t seem to ignore the conversation and it made her look rather uncomfortable to hear the men speaking of the topic so casually. Verus’s words were recognized with a nod. “I think I shall check on my brother. Excuse me.”
[12:04:22 AM] Verus Forrest: ((meh oh well))
[12:06:08 AM] Narrator: At that point Conrad Windham approached Oto and Kier after Oto had gained more than few scowls for his comments. “Lord of Clifton, is everything okay?” *He then looked to Kier.
[12:06:28 AM] Verus Forrest: ((hehe oto is cool XD))
[12:08:47 AM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan soon ends his dance with Kyra, they get new drinks on their way. They move to the doorway to get a draft of cool air with.
[12:09:39 AM] Narrator: End of Session 3


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