[7:45:49 PM] Narrator: —Event Setting 1: Merdraut Erwin’s Wedding
Session One
Location: The Scorched Tower

The Riverlands town of Windhamsport is small in size, but one of the more prominent ports in Ironman’s Bay. Many say this is due to House Erwin’s relaxed inspection policies, but none have been so bold to accuse Lord Dafydd of such things.

For Merdraut’s wedding, the town’s borders and wall have been expanded slightly on the south side, to accommodate for enough open ground for the many visitors guard to set up their banner tents. But tenting is not a requirement for nobles such as yourselves. For you, you have been provided accommodations in the west wing of the estate branching off of the infamous Scorched Tower; House Erwin’s primary stronghold.

Most of the guests have arrived at this point, as House Erwin’s servants find ways to be accommodating as possible to as many of the noble guests as possible. Two nights from now, the wedding ceremonies will begin with a gathering of dinner and dance in celebration of the day to follow; where the wedding ceremony will be led by the famed Sept Rorge and a grand feast will follow.

For those that arrived early, it has been difficult trying to keep yourself entertained in a town as small as Windhamsport, but House Erwin has been rather accommodating, trying to prepare intermediary social events to keep the guests entertaining one another. Tonight is no different with dinner and music. There is rumor that a famed singer will be present tonight, though that has been the gossip of the servants, not nobility. (cont.)
[7:49:40 PM] Narrator:
The scene opens as Lords and ladies, heirs and knights, maidens and boys enter the banquet room of the manor. House Erwin guards stand at either side of the entryway door. Tapestry of House Erwin is present on the walls, as are their colors on the cloth of the tables. There is a sole banner of House Windham as well. Servants move too and fro, avoiding interruption of the guests path as they move to prepare the evening’s meal. On the west end of the hall, opposite the main doors, there is a kitchen where another guard has been set. And more servants coming and going.
[7:55:32 PM] Narrator: Of House Sperling, Flora, Hendrik, Gerrit andLady Fiona have all arrived safe in Windhamsport, but Fiona and Gerrit are not to attend tonight as they have just arrived.

Of House Grawyn, Kier and Kenson are present.

Of House Crevan, Harkin and Kyra have arrived and are present.

Of House Forrest, Verus, Lucile, and Darin have arrived and are present.
[7:59:04 PM] Narrator: The firsts nobles present are Lady Shandy Erwin, her daughter, the maidenr Lyanna Erwin, and her third born son, Huw Erwin.
[7:59:22 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan escorts his lady through the banquet room. He is a bit nervous but smiles slightly as Kyra whispers something to him. Its calms him.
[8:01:05 PM] Narrator: The Banquet Hall begins to fill quickly…
[8:01:25 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier quietly entered the room, blonde hair pulled back into a single ponytail at the base of his head and tied with a cord of his house colors. He certainly managed to look younger than his eighteen years as he was typically wont; slender and slight for a young man of his age and his tendency to dress the part of the fop did little to add years. He looked to his father, bowing once and waiting for his lord to enter before following him fully. “Who then first to impress, father, or does it not much matter?”
[8:01:49 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora Sperling arrived that evening in the company of her elder brother, Hendrik. She is garbed in a neatly tailored dress of deep green wth modest touches of Myrish lace. The jewelry she wore was simple, too – nice but not extravagant. Overall, the look was subdued as if she did not wish to draw too much attention to herself. Flora Sperling had not exactly been making public appearances since she returned to her former house seeking sanctuary. For now, she said nothing and simply moved along with her brother.
[8:05:47 PM] Narrator: Of the newly raised House Landon, Lord Ros and his second son Ward have arrived today by ship from the Flint Fingers and are present.

Of House Eddy (Banner House of House Sperling), Banner-Lord Ser Duc Eddy is present for the feast.

Of House Gilbert (Banner House of House Arbon), Banner-Lord Pedr Gilbert is present and has managed to make his way over to Lady Erwin. He whispers something her way, and she laughs.

Of House Westerling, Lord Gawen Westerling is present.
[8:08:29 PM] Narrator: As the dinner announcements have not been made, it is customary to continue to roam about and mingle with the guests as almost all in the banquet room except the hosting house are currently on their feet doing so.

The hosting house remains seated at the center so that they are easily located. Only Lord Dafydd and Ser Merdraut are missing.
[8:08:42 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest arrives for the nights festivities followed by his older sister, his brother had decided to head to the nights festivities a bit ahead of Verus and Lucile. Verus is a healthy looking young man in his late teens with a lean build, light blue eyes and his thick dark brown hair is long enough for it to be pulled back into a short tail when necessary. Verus is dressed in his best set of clothes and while they are perhaps not as fancy as some other richer noble houses, but Verus was quite content with his clothing, He is dressed in a dark green tunic, with white trim his houses heraldry on the front and back, a relatively nice looking pair of breeches, and a fine looking comfortable pair of boots. Verus takes a moment upon entering to look over those gathered a moment as he decides where he wishes to go.
[8:10:52 PM] Narrator: Darin Forrest looks over at Verus as he enters, offering a nod. Verus had caught wind that Darin’s men were assaulted by bandits at the Neck on their way south. One of your infantry men was slain, and two more were maimed. Darin was left unscathed.
[8:12:40 PM] Narrator: (As these things can get rather convoluted, if anyone wants to have a bit of a private conversation at one of the side areas of the room away from others, let me know. We can pull it aside into a 1 on 1 skype chat and it can be logged that way. Just announcing it =) )
[8:13:41 PM] Narrator: Pedr Gilbert approaches Kier with a smile. “Ah m’boy, so good to see you again. How fairs the road north m’boy? I trust that you have not forgotten your uncle?” He gives a wolfish grin.
[8:15:04 PM] Narrator: Ser Duc Eddy approaches Flora as she enters. He gives her a nod “If y’need anything milady. I will remain free of drink this eve.”
[8:15:12 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest nods in return to his brother before casually walking about the room just mingling for the moment he will speak with his brother on the attack he suffered at a more appropriate time.
[8:16:13 PM] Narrator: Hendrik Sperling nods to Ser Duc and pats him on the shoulder. “No drink? Fair knight, how could you suffer through such a thing sober?” He raises a hand. “Pardon me, I must find a cup for my own.”
[8:19:05 PM] Kier Grawyn: “Of course I haven’t, sir. It’d be a rare thing for someone to forget someone as close to my Lord Father’s heart.” He grinned broadly, bowing politely once. “I would say that I’ve grown a fair bit since we last were met but I am told oft that I yet look the boy I was five years ago. You, sir? I trust you have been well?”
[8:20:35 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan leads the way to Lord Ros and his son. He feels it is respectful to greet the Lord as they Houses are near each. He bows slightly “Good eve Lord Ros. I hope the trip was pleasant”
[8:22:38 PM] Narrator: Pedr giblert smiles at Kier “Your lord father is close m’boy, but only due my sweet sister. If you would not mind, please pass on my regrets that she was unable to attend. I see Kenson has made it. Please pass on the good fortune of House Gilbert to Lady Rosley.”
[8:23:44 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora smiled in an appreciative way and chuckled softly at her brother’s comments before she replied to the knight. “I would not deprive you of a drink this evening, Ser. If I am not safe behind strong walls surrounded by so many brave knights, I am not safe anywhere. Please enjoy at least a cup of wine if nothing else.”
[8:24:14 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest has managed to move his way toward Ward Landon and his father but stops short as he notices Harkin Crevan speaking with them and it would be rude to interrupt
[8:24:53 PM] Narrator: Kyra Crevan gave a smile to Lord Ros and Ward as Ros nodded and looked to Harkin’s clothing for a sign of heraldry. (Are you wearing your families heraldry somewhere visible?)
[8:25:39 PM] Harkin Crevan: (yes, a brooch. Nothing flashy.)
[8:27:10 PM] Narrator: Duc Eddy scratched his head with an awkward smile back at Flora. “In all truthfulness, it is not for your protection that I avoid the drink, milady. I intend to be faithful to my wife and family. They say wine can strip the best of men’s will. Did you hear even Lord Stark has a bastard?”
[8:29:43 PM] Narrator: Lord Ros Landon nods "Ah yes, Crevan. You must be Harkin, given your age. I’m afraid we have never met. This is Ward, my second son. Ward gives a nod and bows before your wife. with a sincere smile. Ward nods your way “A pleasure.” Ros then motions to your wife for you to give the proper introduction.
[8:30:10 PM] Kier Grawyn: “Of course, sir.” Another polite bow. “My beloved sister has always had a delicate constitution and now it falls upon my Lady Mother to tend to her. I will of course give her your best tidings and said same to my Lord Father.” He nodded once, waiting to be dismissed aand then stepping off.
[8:32:17 PM] Narrator: Pedr gave a nod in turn to Kier and made his way off into the crowd of nobles.
[8:32:34 PM] Flora Sperling: A dark brow arched up slightly for a moment and then she nodded. “Very well, Ser Duc. Do as you will. If you will excuse me, ser.” She did not wait for the knight to respond before simply taking her leave and disappearing among the other nobles meandering about the hall.
[8:32:58 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan nods “Pleasure is our Lord Landon. This is my wife Kyra.”
[8:34:21 PM] Narrator: Ros Landon gives a nod in greetings and kisses her hand as appropriate. Ward does the same and then makes a motion to Verus. “Harkin, have you met Verus Forrest of the Grove?”
[8:35:37 PM] Narrator: Pedr Gilbert nearly runs direcdtly into Flora in passing. It seems to be entirely an accident. He smiles. “Ahh good lady, pardon me. It seems it would be wise of me to pay better attention to my surroundings.”
[8:35:59 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan turns to look at Verus waiting “That I have Lord. It was in archery tournament not so long ago.” He smiles at seeing Verus
[8:38:41 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest nods to Ward as he joins in on the conversation, and nods to Harkin Crevan afterword he smiles a bit at the mention of the Archery tournament “Aye, his skill with a bow is better then my own…Ward how you been?”
[8:44:35 PM] Narrator: Ward gave a nods to Verus with a smile. “I am well, though happy to be back on land once more. Lord father was confident that we would be safe by ship. Many are still worried about the raiders. There has been little word from Pyke the last few years, and with all the damage that House Cutteridge caused, it was good to know that the roads can be traveled once more.”
[8:45:37 PM] Flora Sperling: It lasted but a second. The sensation of stunned disbelief either at her own lack of attention or at the sudden reminder that she was not alone in the room. “Lord Gilbert…” She said a little breathlessly with a smile that was reflexive. “…I fear I am entirely to blame. It has been too long since I stood in a hall so filled with people and I have lost my ability to navigate.” The words were followed with a good natured laugh even as a touch of color crept up into her cheeks.
[8:46:24 PM] Narrator: Kier can see his father Lord Kenson motioning him over. Kenson seems to be in conversation with two men.
[8:47:20 PM] Verus Forrest: “The roads are safer then the last time I travelled but there are not completely safe…I am afraid that there is still quite a bit of Lawlessness in the realm”
[8:48:06 PM] Verus Forrest: they
[8:48:40 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier bowed once, breaking away to approach his father as he was bid with a little bow. “I assure you, sir, I wasn’t going to be in trouble yet so quick.” The roguish smile.
[8:51:53 PM] Narrator: *Pedr Gilbert waved Flora’s counter-apology off and gave a wolfish smile.
“Oh nonsense milady. Nonsense. It is I who am to blame. Even so, I hope that your son is doing well?” He smiled again and took a moment to tap his chin. “My Lord Cassian Arbon and Lady Celise send their concern for all the trouble House Cutteridge has caused in your lands. They wish me to tell you they are in full support of your Lord father’s actions. They would tell him themselves, but it seems a raven went missing as they were not provided invitations to this wedding. Perhaps it was shot down. That must be it, for Lord Dafydd would not be so foolish as to neglect My lord and lady an invitation on purpose.”
[8:53:52 PM] Narrator: Lord Ros to Harkin, Ward and Verus “Yes, well; I believe all things will become secure once more when King Robert has had proper time to establish his line. I fear that for now, only the Kings Road will be without true threat.”
[8:55:48 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest nods in agreement with Lord Ros, before taking a moment to look at those gathered at the event again before returning his attention toward his current group of company
[8:55:56 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan nods in agreement
[8:58:36 PM] Narrator: Kenson Gilbert gives Kier a nod as he approaches. “Kier, this is Darin Forrest of House Forrest of the Grove. He is from the north. And you ought remember Ser Conrad Windham. He taught you the sword when you were a boy. Just a few years your elder.” Darin Forrest gave a nod and smile at Kier. Conrad gave you a smile of familiarity. “Ah yes, the boy with the small bladder.” he joked “But you are no longer a boy, but a grown man.”
[8:59:45 PM] Flora Sperling: “My son is doing quite well, thank you.” Like any proud mother, Flora beamed at the mention of her child and only the mention of House Cutteridge dimmed that light. “You would do me a great favor to return my well wishes to the Lord and Lady of House Arbon. Indeed, if Lord Dafydd was kind enough to invite me it can only be the fault of a stray arrow that your lord and lady did not recieve their invitations.” She gave the appearance of absolute sincerity as she said the words.
[9:02:15 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest looks at the group of folks he is speaking with and ask a rather straightforward question “Anything of Note happening in either of your lands?”
[9:02:53 PM] Narrator: (brb – popcorn!)
[9:03:00 PM] Verus Forrest: ((lol okay))
[9:06:53 PM] Narrator: Ward shrugged and smiled. “The same trouble I suspect as your lands. Too many bandits, thieves and sellswords. Our borders our wide and the roads offer many points of ambush.”

Pedr Gilbert smiled at Flora. “I will not keep you, milady. Perhaps we can speak more of your boy at a later time.” He gave a bow.
[9:08:53 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest grins a bit as he nods in agreement with Ward “It’s a problem, we will be fixing soon”
[9:09:22 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier turned to face his father with a nod and then the two that he was introduced to. “Pleased to make your acquaintance, sir. And I remember Ser Conrad well. I am surprised that he would remember just another slight boy destined to be a middling swordsman.” He chuckled once, nodding. “It brings me no small joy to hear you say that – I still get asked if I should be with the adults when we eat.”
[9:10:57 PM] Flora Sperling: “I look forward to it, Lord Gilbert.” She dipped her head to him politely before he went off to wherever he would go next. That left Flora standing alone and, finally, she took a good look at the familiar and unfamiliar faces present tonight.
[9:11:28 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan comments “Likewise even for our out of the way House.”
[9:12:00 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest nods again to Harkin Crevan’s comment
[9:13:50 PM] Narrator: At this point, dinner is starting to come out in covered plates. And people are beginning to find their seats.
[9:14:58 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan guides his wife to the side to let Lord Landon go first and the whispers to Kyra
[9:17:11 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest notices dinner was being served, he offers a slight bow to those gathered “Pleasure meeting you all again, But I believe its time I take my leave” he would wait a moment to get any sort of response before making his way back toward his siblings and to get ready to sit and have dinner
[9:19:24 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan bows to Verus as he does soon lead his lady to the seating.
[9:22:26 PM] Narrator: Once everyone is seated, the trumpets roar and an announcement is given. “Now entering, Lord Dafydd Erwin, Lord of Windhamsport and Ser Merdraut Erwin.” The two turn to find their way to the head table along with the rest of the Erwin family. Lord Dafydd remains standing, and raises his hands at either side. He seems confident in front of this audience, especially when he is about to speak.
[9:26:59 PM] Narrator: "Family, friends, guests traveling from all over; it is our pleasure to host you this night and the nights to come in honor and celebration of my son, Ser Merdraut’s marraige to the hand of the most honorable and fair maiden, Reagan Lannister.

Please drink our win, and eat our finest pig roast and duck pie. Though not all our guests have arrived, few are missing from the list. We have scheduled a famous singer for tonight’s entertainment. Enjoy." And with that he clapped his hands and the line of servants began lifting the covers from the metal trays beneath the various assortments of food. Food from as far north as Winterfell and as far south as Dorne could be found here. Extravigant considering the true feast is still a few nights away.
[9:29:24 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier found at least the ability to smile pleasantly enough at the mention of the marriage; bowing his head politely in greeting to Lord Dayfdd and Ser Merdraut though his eyes lingered not over much on either.
[9:29:45 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan smiles and gives his wife a kiss on the cheek as they prepare to eat.
[9:31:25 PM] Narrator: Merdraut truly was the epitome of pretty boy or tourney knight. He was young, athletic, and a prize face that belonged on a painting rather than a battlefield. Though he had a reputation that truly proved he was a tourney knight, he had no real experience when it came to a battlefield.
[9:33:42 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest takes a moment to see who all is seated near him at the table, offering respectful nod in the direction of the hosts, before he would start to slowly go about eating dinner.
[9:34:29 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora had seated herself beside her brother and listened quietly at the speech. When it was over, she commented idly to him, “They will make a lovely couple.” Simple words, yes. But there was an underlying bitterness that all her charisma could not entirely hide. After all, the last wedding she had attended had been her own.
[9:38:00 PM] Narrator: As food was served, and consumed, and new cups of wine were poured, Pedr Gilbert was the first to find his way to the head table, his cup in hand. He smiled before everyone and then turned to wink at lady Shandy that she returned with a silly smile, he began to pace.

“Lords and ladies, knights and madiens, I am Pedr Gilbert, of House Gilbert.”

An unfamiliar face from near the ranks of House Westerling shouted back . “Of who!?”

There was laughter.

Hendrik Spearling who had a great many glasses of wine at this point returned. “The house with the giant cock!” A jest related to the chicken on their coat of arms.

The laughter was louder with his return, but their was an uncomfortable tension int he air now. Pedr seemed unshaken by this, and began to tap his foot.
[9:41:39 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest grins a bit as he suppresses a chuckle from the jest, he takes a drink and keeps his attention directed toward Pedr for the moment as it looks as if he will be going on some sort of rambling rant
[9:42:52 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier, for all of his easy smiles seemed to be remarkably tense for the situation. He nodded of course again – trying to seek eyes with his former friend in Merdraut before taking his cup in hand and gesturing with it towards him in a friendly fashion. The tenseness remained and only grew at the laughter though he maintained his face.
[9:42:57 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan smiles at the comments flying, chuckling slightly as well. He definitely has gone lighter on the amount of drink their others have.
[9:44:17 PM] Narrator: Pedr smiled again. “I am standing here today to send the regets of Lord Cassian and Celise Arbon. It seems the raven carrying their invitation might have found a stray arrow.” There was a bit of laughter in the air, but Lord Dafydd kept his face void of emotion besides the irritable look he offered Pedr since he came up with his cup.

Pedr raised the glass “My lord and lady wished to send their blessing from afar. I propose a toast to Ser Merdraut.Erwin and Reagan Lannister. May their wedding day go easily and their bedding night, even easier.” There was a laugh again.
[9:45:47 PM] Narrator: “Please raise your glasses.” Pedr added.
[9:48:42 PM] Narrator: Hendrik stood with his cup as the toast came to an end.
[9:51:00 PM] Narrator: Pedr finished the toast. “May the mother bless you, Ser Merdraut, so that the Houuse of Erwin might have many fine sons by your seed.” He drank.
[9:53:45 PM] Narrator: There was pure silence as almost everyone drank to the toast, even Duc Eddy went through the motion with an empty glass. And then a roar of words after. The drunk Hendrik Spearling added to those around him. “Yes, and have you seen that Reagan? Good hips on her, that one. But not nearly as nice as the rest of her. Flora, perhaps I should’ve been a Knight, then I could find a wife like ‘at one. When conversation didn’t work in my favor, i’d just get what I want by joust.”
[9:56:14 PM] Narrator: Fortunately it was too loud for the head table to hear, but many seated guests that were not occupied elsewhere did. Hendrik offered a * “Hic.” as if the reminder that he was drunk. Like you needed it.
[9:56:39 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan toasted but didn’t drink. It a bit surprised by Hendrik’s comments about Lady Reagan.
[9:56:46 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest had went through the motions of the toast he didn’t drink very much as he knew what it could do to a person but he was quite silent when Hendrik spoke in what he thought was an overly crude manner
[9:56:57 PM] Harkin Crevan: (It=Is)
[9:59:27 PM] Narrator: *Kyra Crevan smiled and nudged her husband.
“Oh come now Hendrik, have a drink. You can relax every once and a while.” Her face was flush from the two drinks she has had. She was hardly a drinker herself.
[10:00:03 PM] Kier Grawyn: Kier raised his glass, drinking as the toast ended with the same stilted nature he bore the entire time. Just be quiet. Be quiet and unobtrusive and don’t cause too many problems to get through the night. Not too much attention; just be the forgettable first son. His plans never worked out as well as they intended. “Personally, I’ve always preferred women with darker hair myself; a nice sable… though I will admit her gold is a lovely feature.” He began smoothly, deflecting the meaning to something safer. “The very picture of a Lannister beauty. Did you actually attend the joust? It was actually quite worthy of a story in and of itself. You see, when it first began…” And so Kier attempted to instead distract the man to the safer conversation of tourneys rather than the prizes won therein.
[10:01:00 PM] Narrator: (Sorry fixing one statement.) Kyra Crevan smiled and nudged her husband. “Oh come now Harkin, have a drink. You can relax every once and a while.” Her face was flush from the two drinks she has had. She was hardly a drinker herself.
[10:01:05 PM] Flora Sperling: Flora cast a sidelong glance toward her inebriated brother and then tried to smile as if it were nothing. “Hendrik, what maiden could resist your conversation? You speak so eloquently.” It was said drily, of course, before she found a disapproving frown for her brother. She attempted to lean in to her brother and quietly suggest he step outside for some air.
[10:03:03 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan smiles and nods “You know me too well love but I think you might be reaching your limit.” He takes a drink from his cup, still smiling.
[10:03:07 PM] Narrator: Hendrik didn’t skip a beat, he only smiled. “Yes dear sister, it is the truth.” Hic.
[10:04:55 PM] Narrator: Hendrik listed to Kier’s description, and seemed to follow along, leaving Flora a moment to breath from babysitting.
[10:05:29 PM] Narrator: listened, rather
[10:06:24 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest shakes his head a moment as Hendrik seems to be leaving atleast for the time being, he then looks at his siblings a moment, he stays quiet for now letting all the drunkards make a fool of themselves.
[10:09:04 PM] Narrator: *At that point, Ser Merdraut was over near the lot of your families. You were all arranged on the right side of the table, with House Grawyn being the closest to the head table, then House Sperling at their right, then House Crevan, and finally House Forrest.
[10:11:23 PM] Kier Grawyn: Either unaware of her reputation or playing into his own, Kier looked across to Flora to offer her a brief wink – pausing only for a second in his story before he continued about how the water had been left out to go bad and the pounding in his head that it caused for Merdraut – the way that the young knight’s eyes blurred for a moment as he fought back the effects of the drink and steeled himself for the tourney. Mostly lies, as most stories were, but at least entertaining lies. “The sun was quite high; and frankly many thought that perhaps the other good knight’s stable boy had polished his gear more than proper as the glare was quite strong. But there is a look that Ser Merdraut gets when his mind is set – I know it quite well – and as he dressed himself and topped his horse I saw that familiar look and knew the outcome of the tourney then and there.”
[10:13:58 PM] Flora Sperling: “I seem to have lost my appetite. A little air will do me quite well… Excuse me.” Perhaps babysitting her brother had not been on Flora’s agenda at all and she looked to make a break – at least for a little while. Even Kier’s wink only caught her attention in passing.
[10:14:17 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest grins slightly as he speaks up having overheard the story from over at the Grawyn table “An entertaining story certainly”
[10:14:52 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan leans around his wife to look towads Verus “I know the look Verus; I usually carry it myself. What is on your mind this night?”
[10:17:12 PM] Kier Grawyn: “Despite my teacher’s best attempts I believe I am destined to be but a middling swordsman, so, I do get my enjoyment where I may – basking in the glow of others.” He raised his glass to Verus and then to his lips to drink though any watching the levels would note that despite the long seeming drink the level in the cup went down very little.
[10:17:23 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest speaks quietly to Harkin “Nothing in particular, actually…just enjoying the feast and the entertainment” he motioned toward where Hendrik was sitting earlier before he continues “Why is something the matter?”
[10:17:39 PM] Narrator: *At this point Ser Conrad Windham makes his way to your side of the table, near Ser Merdraut. He turns to eye Flora as she leaves.
“Milords, tomorrow Lord Dafydd will lead a host to the forest for a hunt for a prize boar to present to the wedding party. You are welcome to join. We make for the woods at sunrise.”
[10:21:23 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan comments to Verus “Just seems like you have the weight of Westeros on your shoulders.” He looks to Windham as he speaks about a hunt, listening.
[10:22:18 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest nods to Ser Conrad Windham “Thank you for the invitation, I would be delighted to participate”
[10:23:12 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan replies to Windham “I look forward to it. Thank you Ser Windham”
[10:24:52 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest having responded to the Knights nearby he turns his attention back toward Harkin Crevan “Perhaps, a lot has happened to my house in the last few years…I have much to do to restore my house, to its former glory”
[10:25:21 PM] Narrator: Conrad looks to Kier as she continues telling the drunken Hendrik a story. He nods and whispers to Kenson Grawyn who pats him on the back before he leaves.
[10:31:04 PM] Harkin Crevan: Harkin Crevan nods to Verus “may the gods speed your restoration”
[10:32:20 PM] Verus Forrest: Verus Forrest having apparently eaten enough he finishes his drink and wipes his mouth clean he leans over and speaks quietly to his siblings asking how their evening have been so far, curious as to what they were doing while he was speaking with the landon’s and Crevan’s, he then look back over toward Harkin once more and nods.
[10:32:26 PM] Narrator: End of Session One.
[10:32:29 PM] Narrator: -


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