Verus Forrest



House: House Forrest
Titles: Heir of House Forrest

Things True

  1. He is a very smart and well spoken individual.
  2. Even in his Youth he is quite adept in managing the House while his father is ill
  3. He is an Dutiful man, but he is at times overly Ambitious.


  • Ward Landon – (Deceased) | “We fought House Cutteridge, and as such we are brothers in arms.” | (—)
  • Flora Sperling | “Your bravery and cunning in avoiding treachery has gained my attention.” | (1)
  • Rodrik Cutteridge | “Your House raided our lands, but I will have our vengeance” | (2)
  • Helen Forrest | “I will always value your advice.” (1)
  • Lucile Forrest | “You are better off here at home then with House Mormont.” (1)

First Appearance


Verus Forrest

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