Ser Imri Rosen



House: House Forrest
Titles: Heir of House Forrest

Things True

  1. Imri is captain of the guard of House Forrest.
  2. He previously served as squire to Lucile Forrest ’s late husband.
  3. Imri is the fourth born son of the landed House Rosen from the Reach.
  4. Imri accompanied Lucile in her return to The Grove, and swore fealty to Lord Conri, who named Imri among but a few of the personal guard of House Forrest.


  • Lucile Forrest | “I will follow you.” | (2)
  • Conri Forrest | “A frail figure compared to the man I once swore loyalty to.” | (1)

First Appearance


Ser Imri Rosen

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