Merdraut Erwin



House: House Erwin
Titles: First Heir of House Erwin of Windhamsport

Things True

  1. Merdraut is the second born son of Dafydd Erwin, but is heir due to his brother Rowan’s death during Robert’s Rebellion.
  2. He is a beautiful and arrogant knight, known for his skill in tourney.
  3. Merdraut is currently betrothed to Regan Lannister and is due to be married this month.


  • Kenson Grawyn | “A dear friend of lord father’s.” | (2)
  • Rosely Grawyn | “A dear friend’s wife.” | (1)
  • Kier Grawyn | “I have tolerated our meetings, but like him less each time.” | (1)

Merdraut Erwin

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