Lycoris Erwin



House: House Erwin, formerly of House Banefort
Titles: Widow of House Erwin

Things True

  1. Blends in remarkably easily in a crowd, to the point she will often be forgotten about.
  2. Is publicly still in mourning for the death of her husband Rowan, the former heir, who died in the Rebellion.
  3. Presumably due to illness, she is only seen in public to distribute alms or food and spends most of her time secluded in her room if not called for a specific function.


  • Dafydd Erwin | “A very proud and honorable lord, and I am glad to be in his house and in his sufferance.” | 1
  • Merdraut Erwin | “I wish he was as great a man as his brother was, instead of only as great a fighter.” | 2
  • Huw Erwin | “If only the Maester could grow back arms. He reminds me of Rowan in how he speaks.” | 1
  • Kier Grawyn | “He looks far too young to being playing at tourney with Merdraut. It makes a mother worry.” | 1
  • Conrad Windham | “Trustworthy serving his lord and with a blade in his hand, less trustworthy at table with a tankard in his hand.” | 2

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Lycoris Erwin

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