Lyanna Erwin



House: House Erwin
Titles: Third Heir of House Erwin and maiden of Windhamsport

Things True

  1. Lyanna is 8-and-10 years old. (Style Point – MiMi)
  2. She is a particularly confident and talkative lass.
  3. Lyanna uses disgression according to the situation, so that said confidence does not prove to be a fault.
  4. She has a crush on a particular heir, and that heir is a guest of Ser Merdraut’s wedding.


  • Merdraut Erwin | “Beautiful and arrogant, you are not Rowan, but you are still my brother.” | (1)
  • Conrad Windham | “I made you sweat when you would have to take care of me as a child.” | (1)
  • Lycoris Erwin | “Rowan’s wife would have made a great lady of this house one day. Unfortunate.” | (1)
  • Dafydd Erwin | “I am father’s little darling. They say spoiled, I say loved.” | (2)
  • Shandy Erwin | “I was not born a man as you so painfully reminded me.” | (1)
  • Darin Forrest | “Quiet, heroic and cunning, you have my heart!” | (1)

Lyanna Erwin

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