Lucile Forrest



House: House Forrest
Titles: Third Heir of House Forrest of The Grove, Widow of Quent of House Mormont

Things True

  1. Lucile is a recent widow after five years of marriage.
  2. She is rumored to have been cursed, as she did not produce children.
  3. She has become reclusive after the death of her Husband, speaking little of it.
  4. Lucile has been returned to House Forrest after her husband’s death.


  • Darin Forrest | “The man and the boy are not one in the same, but it is hard to forgive and forget.” (2)
  • Conri Forrest | “Father’s protection is a grace I did not count for.” | (2)
  • Helen Forrest | “She only cares that I am of value.” | (1)
  • Ser Imri Rosen | “Persistant and loyal.” | (1)

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Lucile Forrest

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