Kyra Crevan



House: House Crevan
Titles: Wife of First Heir Harkin Crevan of Fox Fields, Formerly of House Moss

Things True

  1. Kyra is strong willed; not easily fouled.
  2. She is able to talk her husband Harkin Crevan through most challenges.
  3. Kyra ’s mother is from Braavos.
  4. She stayed for a while at The Seven-Point to learn the ways of a proper lady under Celise Arbon when she was still a Septa.


  • Harkin Crevan | “You must learn what your father knows, but remain who you are. I will help keep you on course.” | (3)
  • Celise Arbon | “A wonderful woman in the most terrible of situations.” (2)
  • Cassian Arbon | “Untrustworthy and vile. I pitty you.” | (2)
  • Reece Crevan | “My greatest fear of what my lord husband could become.” | (1)

First Appearance

Event Setting 1, Session 1


Kyra Crevan

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