Kier Grawyn



House: House Grawyn
Titles: Heir of House Grawyn

Things True

  1. Makes up for his youthful impetuousness by his natural charm perhaps more than he ought.
  2. Is a skilled enough fighter, though routinely plays up his clumsiness and slight stature in competitions.
  3. Has a remarkable tendency to flirt with women though very little in the way of efforts to commit to marriage to any of them.


  • Maester Jannis | “Without your wisdom and guidance; I would never have made it this far” | (3)
  • Kenson Grawyn | “Lord Father; I… no. I understand. I serve.” | (1)
  • Merdraut Erwin | “…You could do better than her. So much better.” | (2)

First Appearance


Kier Grawyn

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