Kenson Grawyn



House: House Grawyn
Titles: Lord of House Grawyn, Lord of Springcastle

Things True

  1. Lord Kenson has a fierce rivalry with his brother, Helden.
  2. He’s is a generous man to a fault and enjoys showing off his wealth.
  3. He is remarkably charming and tends to manage political dealing by soft control such as parties and negotiations.


  • Dafydd Erwin | “A rival lord and my best friend.” | (2)
  • Rosely Grawyn | “Our unity is a tale of true love.” | (2)
  • Kier Grawyn | “You must become all that is expected of you.” | (2)
  • Shandy Erwin | “Clever, and manipulative.” | (1)

First Appearance


Kenson Grawyn

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