Harkin Crevan



House: House Crevan
Titles: Heir of House Crevan

Things True

  1. He dislikes his lord-father Reece because he is a liar and schemer.
  2. Harkin is a humble man.
  3. He was the Captain of the Crevan’s rangers before being an heir. Hark is still rough around the edges.


  • Verus Forrest | “Verus is a excellent archer and great sportsman. I wish him the best of luck in future tournaments.” | (1)
  • Kyra Crevan | “My wife. My love. You bring me sanity in this chaotic house.” | (3)
  • Alec Crevan | “My first born. I shall be a father that mine wasn’t and do my best to be there for you.” | (2)
  • Reece Crevan | “I pray that you to keep your wicked lies from my son and wife.” (1)

First Appearance


Harkin Crevan

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