Gawen Westerling



House: House Westerling
Titles: Lord of House Westerling, Lord of The Crag

Things True

  1. Gawen’s marraige to Sybil Spicer is the most obvious sign of House Westerling’s decline.
  2. Though Gawen is growing older and now serves as a lord, he is ready to take up the sword, should House Lannister request it of him.
  3. Lord Gawen has the reputation of an honest lord.


  • Dafydd Erwin | “A true and noble lord.” | (1)
  • Reece Crevan | “I stay clear of this man.” | (1)
  • Kenson Grawyn | “Rivals in youth.” | (2)
  • Austin Lannister | "He was a guest of the Crag not long ago. | (1)
  • Raynald Westerling | “Me darling boy and rightful heir.” | (3)

First Appearance

Event 1, Session 1


Gawen Westerling

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