Fiona Sperling



House: House Sperling
Titles: Lady Sperling of The Pearl of Liamsport, formerly of House Mallister

Things True

  1. Born Fiona Mallister, she is the youngest sister to Jason Mallister, Lord of Seagard.
  2. She suffers from bouts of extreme paranoia that have resulted in her rarely leaving The Pearl since the conflict with House Cutteridge began.
  3. Fiona has expressed a desire to send Vance Cutteridge, Flora’s son, to House Forrest to be fostered by Lord Conri Forrest.


  • Flora Sperling | “It’s a complicated place she has put me in.” | (2)
  • Willem Sperling | “I will stay faithful by the contract of our marraige, Lord Husband.” | (1)
  • Gerrit Sperling | “If only you were born first.” | (2)

Fiona Sperling

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