Darin Forrest



House: House Forrest
Titles: Second Heir of House Forrest

Things True

  1. Darin looks up to his Older Brother Verus.
  2. He is a skilled Rider as such he spends a lot of his time outside The Grove.
  3. Darin was sent away to Winterfell to serve as a personal guard to House Stark, but was released by Eddard Stark after Robert’s Rebellion ended to help restore House Forrest.


  • Verus Forrest | “Jealousy? I admire him too much to say such.” | (2)
  • Conri Forrest | “I was never good enough in your eyes.” | (1)
  • Ward Landon | “There is something queer about him. Something I do not trust.” | (1)

First Appearance

Verus Forrest Intro


Darin Forrest

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