Cassian Arbon



House: House Arbon
Titles: Lord of House Arbon, Lord of The Seven-Point

Things True

  1. He is known as Mad Lord Cassian throughout Westeros.
  2. Cassian truly loves his wife.
  3. Mad Lord Cassian has frightened members of his house into compliance, but there are still some who disagree. Cassian knows who they are.


  • Celise Arbon | “You are forever my love.” | (3)
  • Dafydd Erwin | “Do not trust the man who deals with Lions.” | (2)
  • Pedr Gilbert | “We trust in your family to speak for us.” | (1)
  • Flora Sperling | “Another who understands love above all.” | (1)

Cassian Arbon

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